History of the Earls of Virneburg from its beginnings up to Robert IV.

The counts of Virneburg occur in the area of ​​the old Mayengaues. The first count and the Castell Virneburg are around the year 1112 surely as. Must have this castle but there were earlier, because in order 1052 a “De Berne Uirniburc” called.

A Count Hermann was the daughter of the Count of Nassau and Elisa von Schaumburg, Married Countess of Nassau. That he gave the right to the patrimony of his mother, who came from the house of Isenburg. The fact that Herman was anxious, allow any diminution of the heritage, shows a document of the year 1217, in der er nachträglich eine von ihm angefochtene Schenkung seiner Schwiegermutter an das Kloster Eberbach bestätigt. In 1222 Count Hermann was the inheritance of his wife Lukarde incorporate the county….

The Sons of Hermann's, Robert I. and Henry are 1238 mentioned. Henry ruled until 1289 and then appears to his son Robert II. as mentionedan>.. His brother was the future Archbishop Henry II. of Cologne. Another brother was Eberhard, Commander of Ramersdorf. A sister Mechthild's 1725 mentioned and Imagina, Abbess of St. Maria zu Köln, is related to her brother, the Archbishop Heinrich II. 1312 mentioned.

Robert II. governed by 1308, His first wife was Nese, the second Agnes von Westerburg. A certificate of 1329 includes a number of family members on; the mother Kunikunde, the brothers Heinrich, Archbishop of Mainz, Gerhard Choir Bishop of Trier, the firstborn sons of Henry as a canon of Cologne, and Gerhard….


The development of the acquis of the counts
Overview of the sovereign rights of the counts
Unpublished documents on the history of the counts
The Lehnsauftrag the castle and county
Notes on the pedigree and a map of the history of the counts

The book was published as an Inaugural Dissertation for the Doctorate, Friedrich-Wilhelm University in Berlin and was written by William Iwanski, Koblenz 1912, It is as Download available.

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