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The family of the county Zerssen from Schaumburg


This old noble family has its origin in the foam-burg Country. Your name, the vassal family of the village Zersen, which lies between Hamelin and Rinteln. Allegedly was Bertramus de Chersene, its been in years 1223 thought and culminating in 1242 and 1266 the Ziersne wrote, to be at the forefront of sex. And probably also the two brothers Walterus and Robertus, also attached to the sex Zerssen.

Later found the resident of Zerssen to Krückeberg and wealthy. Establish themselves in Stadthagen acquired the citizenship of the individual members and dressed usually the first municipal offices, but they preserved their nobility, this follows from the fact, that they were called knights and squires.

Hagen found in the middle of the 13. Century and the beginning of the 14. Century, the three brothers Eberhard, Walter and Robert of Zerssen, of which are the first two aufgeührt as knights and the latter as a squire. Walter III. is noted explicitly, True that he too Ringshausen before his investiture (1301) had owned a house in the city of Hagen.

Barthold of Zerssen is in the records of the years 1333, 1339, 1340 and 1347 named as a citizen and councilman. His sons Louis and Arnold are named as miners and citizens Stadthagen

Progenitors of the three main lines were formed to: Eberhard (1261-1295) in Lauenau real wrestler line, Arnold (1269-1283) founded Rinteln Eisberger line and flourishing today Stadthagener line of Walther III.von Zerssen.

The family Zerssen in the County of Schaumburg-Lippe

Friedrich Christian of Zerssen was in the Kirchdorf Peetzen, near the border fortress Preuss. Minden born, where his father was pastor Conrad Friedrich von Zerssen. In 1729 This was the parish to Probst Hagen, far from Hagen.

Friedrich Christian was a sergeant in the Royal Danish services. He was first in Copenhagen, then served in Friederica in Jutland, and soon after in Rendsburg. His son, Joachim Matthias Ludwig von Zerssen was first as food manager, and later appointed as the second member of the Royal Directorate. In organizing the Christian-care home in 1819, he left after 25 years of service his former position. His large family is not sufficient for their preservation its board, compelled him to seek a new source of income, which he found in the lease of the royal Fährhofes in office Gottorp. Acquired lease he stepped on 1. More 1825 an. Son Charles Nicholas was dedicated to the study of the origin and history of the family of Zerssen.

In a will, from the year 1548 to Lüneburg and Hagen were exposed to different legacies in favor of the marriage and descendants of a genealogy been created by that time forth. Friedrich Christian received his legacy as a student. Exact information about the family give the Lehnsakten, were also of particular importance for this…


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