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The family Plathner

As early as 1639 The family was in possession of a pedigree for the family to preserve the memory of their ancestors. For the same purpose, Christoph Friedrich the news about himself and his family 1741 enshrined in the Universal Dictionary Zedlerischen. In his will, dated 18. December 1749 He asked to make about this tradition. Christoph Friedrich was the son of the mayor Andreas on 10. February 1671 Born in the town of Mulhouse.

The descendants of Solomon concerning Plathner, the genealogy is based on information from time except Fuchs and Christoph Friedrich, on the church records of Sondershausen, Langensalza, the funeral sermons in Stolberg and the draft of the family tree from the Superintendent Hübner in Sundhausen. Muhlhauser the line as mentioned above, supported by the will of Christoph Friedrich and the details of the grandson August Plathner.


The name was in the earliest times Pletener, Pletenner, Pletner written, but Platener, Plattner Platner and last Plathner. Closely associated with the name are the Harz Plathner families Offeney, Harleb, Out, Ehrich and Schneidewein, just to name a few. The genealogical connections can be found in the database.


Otto Plathner: The family Plathner, Berlin: Jansen 1866 (Download)

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