The family of Kawerau 333 Years

The 1. Generation begins on the Lorenz Kawerau 23.5.1623 died. He came 1583 first from Scandinavia to Gdansk and Elblag then. The name may mean Kawerau “Broker”.

In the 2. Generation, we find his sons Peter, George * 1610 + 16.3.1667 and Jacob + 18.2.1652 Peter is known, that he 3 Sons and 4 Daughters left, including the merchant and Consul Peter II. * 21.12.1660 and died on 27.11.1737. He was the heir of the clan.

His son Jacob was since 1748 Member of the city council and most recently chief. He had composed the 16. and beginning 17. Century dating, in the Old Market 14 in Elbing gelegene “Royalty”, the repeated flophouse quarters of Polish kings or their representatives, as well as 1773 Was Frederick the Great. It remained to 1765 owned by the family and came Kawerau 1776 by inheritance to Abraham Grübnau. 1818 it was sold to a wine shop.


Kawerau, Siegfried: Kawerau by family 333 Years : The family elders to Peter Gustav Kawerau 70. Birthday, published by R. Bartel, Landsberg 1917

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