The Dörriens

doerriens-buchdeckelThe family comes from Lower Saxony Dörrien. The name Dorry, or Dörry changes frequently with Dorrien, Dörrien, Dorring, times also Döring and is only since the beginning of the 18. Century when the Danish line as Dorrien, for the other lines still thriving as Dörrien fixed.

That one or another form of the name would be more correct, can not say definitely. In the funeral sermons (Fritz Roth) prevails alongside dried rings and Dörrien. It is likely, that the name is due to a shortened name (Example Börries, Borries)

Alfeld and Hildesheim, the name appeared in the mid of 15. Century and it is certain, that Hildesheimer Family Council 1569 Jacob immigrated with Dorry of Alfeld from Hildesheim. Alfeld were of 1448 to a mayor, an officer, and 8 Councilors of the name Dorry.

In the history of Hildesheim during the 16. Century played two bearers of the name Dorry an important role. 1532 Hans was with Dorry 121 other citizens expelled for accepting the Lutheran faith from the city, perhaps this is Dorry Hans emigrated to Alfeld, where 1532 Dorry is a jack of citizens, but it is equally likely, dass Letzterer zu der Alfelder Familie gehörte. Since 1542 comes a Heinrich (Dorringh, Dorrien, Dorryen) often in the Council of the city of Hildesheim ago. 1559 this was the first time the mayor of Old Town. The branches of the family also extend to Brunswick, etc in later times after Northeim.

To the lineage of the Dörriens include the members of the Council- and patrician families Bex, Behrens, in. Hagen, Stisser, Grope, Twebom, Schrader, Wiesenhaver, Ziegemeyer and Ramdohr, just to name a few. The book I have received as an original issue and is completed by the aufklabbaren family tree Dörrien, which can be found in the database. The book is available in DjVu format.

Book Title:

The Dörriens, 1. Issue. The family Dörrien in Alfeld, Hildesheim and Braunschweig. Written on behalf of Mr landowner Walter Dörrien, performed by Constantin Werner von Arnswaldt, Leipzig 1910


Family history of the whole family Dörry / Doerry from the beginning of the church books to date, supplemented and corrected by new research and findings, Rainer Dörry, Walluf 2009 – Reference address:

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