German genealogical tables in list format

stammtafeln-listenformThe majority of families have moved to an immigration and the other is, we can say the Baltic, ob Livland, Estonia and the Kurlander, form a large family. In the context of individual taxa occur a few people out particularly sharply through her life and work, which is indicated in each case from the files of the archives.

Baltic German family trees genders from Erich Seuberlich, Published by the Central Agency for German people- and family history, Leipzig 1924-1931


Synopsis for 1. Band, 2. Series

Baumgarten family name, Beyermann, Busch, Conradi, Deeters, Dreyling, Eckers, Fehre, Iron Fire, Fox, Germann, Gerstenmeyer, Green, Hensolt, Intelmann, Jaksch, associated with the crest figures and portraits.

Synopsis for 2. Band, 2. Series

Family names Katterfeld (Catterfeldt) Kieseritzky, Kroger, Kruger, Kymmel, Laakmann, Lehbert, Loeber, Lutzau, Mahler, Marnitz, Mentzendorff, Neander, Schiemann, Schilling, Forge, Seuberlich, Tottien, True, Wasmuth, Wild, with crest figures and portraits.

Synopsis for 2. Band, 3. Series

Guleke, Descendants list writers, Bold, Riemann, Long, Grass, Blessig, Werner gene. by Dresen, Koerber, Descendants of David Erdman, Rest Mountain and Dove.






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