The last Count of Hohenstein

The last Count of Hohenstein, Ernst VII. was on 24. February 1562 Born at the chateau in Klettenberg. Already 1567 his mother died, Margaret, Born Countess of Barby. She died at the castle Lohra and was buried in the town church to Bleicherode.

1580 Ernst came to government. 1590 his first wife died Juliane von Barby. At the 18. June 1592 he married a second time to Agnes, Daughter of the Count of Eberstein, Lord Neugarden. At the 8. July 1593 Ernst died VII. in Walkenried.

His body was first buried in the cloister of the monastery, but then the 18. July in the premises of Monastery Church (Chapter House) buried with great mourning rally in front of the altar. As the last of his race, had lived for four centuries, were the Earl shield, Sword and seal ring placed in the tomb. 1600 had built him his wife left the tomb shown. You can see the counts in the profile and kneeling before a crucifix. Is written on the Erztafel:

“The well-born and noble lord, Mr. Ernst, Graff of the honing stone Nahmens and strain of the last Lord of Lohra and Clettenberg, Administrator of the pen Walkenried, ist Anno Domini MDCXII dem XXIV. Februarii, between 1 and 2 Clock to Clettenberg born anno domini MDXCIII the VIII. July to early 2 Clock, So his age XXXI years, IV months XXII days to walk in God talk blissfully asleep, God have mercy on his soul, allhier is buried. The souls of the righteous are in God's hands.”

Literature: Homeland, Illustrated sheets for the local history of the district County Hohenstein, the calibration field and adjacent areas, Jg. 4, 1907

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