The nobility of Mecklenburg since the national constitutional Erbvergleiche 1755

Was on the crest of the Mecklenburg nobility already 1839 the “Mecklenburg armorial” and Hefner “The flowering of the Adel Großherzogthümer Mecklenburg” 1858 in the 45. and 46. Delivery of the great and general armorial published, However, the former is limited to the task and then the native wealthy nobility and describe Hefner's intention was, submit a complete armorial, what he does not fully succeed.

For the present work, the historically significant hereditary settlement 1755 chosen as a starting point and is not only the native and wealthy, but since the official needle again. Prove the property of the family as a whole and in individual members was therefore necessary, because it showed in what files, Registers and church records were found more results. The book thus contains general information about individual families, the time of the native, the origin of the strange and the collection of new families.


Gustav Lehsten, Publishing house: J. G. Tiedemann, Rostock 1864 (1. Download Seite) (2. Download page)

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