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The descent of the house for Lobkowitz Hassenstein


The history of the castle Hassenstein:

The documentary traces the parties do not reach further than the 7. April 1295 back. Nevertheless, it is probably, that their establishment in the days of Charlemagne has been.

Zedler reported, that was Hasso or hatred of a knight or Hassenstein ruler of Saxony, and had also occupied the fortress Brunsberg with the Saxons. An old Bohemian legend can also be a knight Hasso ages live in northern Bohemia and trained by him, the name of hatred mountain, Hate creek, Hatred of the castle courtyard and stone from hatred.

Whether this is a brother or cousin of the Hasso has been too Wittekind times as princes of the East Saxons Hassio known or Ostfalen, in the 775 Charlemagne had to pay homage and necessity of the people we have also derived the name of Hesse.

Now, the area around the stone around hatred was first conquered by Charlemagne. In 805 his three armies united at Kadan on the Eger and the mighty emperor gave the newly Luczanenreiche cantonal constitution with a German Gaugrafen at the top of the areas.

Many knights were enfeoffed with proven German territories, and held its first entry into Bohemia. Among them has apparently found by a member of that sex altschwäbischen Knight, was located in the same castle Hassenstein Württemberg Oberamt Ravensburg near Lake Constance.

In the 13. Century, the Bohemian feasts Hassenstein owned by the Crown and to the end of the 13. Century, King Wenceslas II pledged. lehnsweise originating in Germany, to a gentleman of Schönburg, had already acquired the other possessions in Bohemia. His powerful son of Frederick Schönburg on Hassenstein, Emperor Charles IV. in 1344 monitoring of the Margrave Frederick of Meissen surrendered Bohemian fief. He also compelled the castle in his new Code “Majestas Carolina” and twelve other castles in the Kronfesten, should be the sovereign in case of need the right, a royal widow for life, other persons but only on 10 Years pledge.

Origin of house Lobkowitz:

The oldest writers we have left behind the legend, the greenhouse Lobkowitz (Lobkowicz) descended from ancient Bohemian dukes and the dukes of boogers (to German = ash) should be used in native Poland. One of the leaders of the slave prince Czech immigrant nation has adopted in accordance with the reports of his castle Lobetz the name and is the ancestor of the house was first mentioned. His offspring are following the destruction of the masters of Lobetz Lobetz moved to Silesia, and only returned to the Christian dukes. They are 3 Miles from Prague Castle and Lobkowitz ernaut have adopted the name.

Lobkowitz as a place name appears as early as the year 950 Bohemia in History; identifying the sex, the word will be considered only in 12. Century used. If the 14. Henning century, “Przibik and Raymond de Lobkowitz” be mentioned, But so is the assumption, that these men were of that tribe, still not entitled.

At the beginning of 15. Century, a Marshal of King Wenceslas IV, John Czech of Zasada been in possession of his Lobkowitz and the village 1407 or 1409 an Nikolaus, the son of Maresch of Aujest have sold. Since this purchase, put the name of Nicholas “Lobkowitz” and thus became the progenitor of a glorious, today at the highest nobility continued flourishing sex.

Of the two sons of Nicholas I.. was later given the name of the elderly “Hassenstein” an, while the younger supposedly from one place “Popelow“, who was formerly in the possession of Hauseses, the family name “Popel of Lobkowicz” further led. In order to understand the lineage relationships of the House of Lobkowicz and appreciate the importance of sex for the local culture properly, must be with the people- history of Bohemia and stands to familiarize.

Nicholas I. Lobkowitz to Hassenstein was a son of the Maresch Aujest (Ujesd) Lipa in the district Litoměřice. His eldest brother died early Blasius, while the second is the Wenzel and devoted clergy since 1374 owned by the Pfarrpräbende to Pablowitz was. Even Santa Claus will initially have been intended for the clergy.

His influential relatives, however, drew the attention of King Wenceslas IV. on him and made him in 1401 the clerk to Supreme Mountain Kutna Hora, the superintendent of all gold- and silver mines in the Kingdom of Bohemia. The first toast was in course of time so considerable wealth, him that the people in honorific sense “Chudy”, (the arms) no longer attached label fit. This should nickname him simultaneously from “Nicholas the rich” in Prag, distinguish.

Pedigree of the Barons of Hassenstein:

Nikolaus II., Mr. Stone on hatred, Brunnersdorf, Eidlitz and Obrzistwy, bought 1445 some belonging to the castle Pernštejn fiefdoms and 1446 also Pressnitz. His wife Offka (Sophie) and daughter of Yaroslav of Ziertin and Zdinka of Pottenstein, he prescribed 300 Shock Bohemian penny on the property Bruzna (Great Praised) He died on 22. July 1462 and is located in the hall of the Franciscan church burying Kaaden.

From his marriage were born the following children: 1.) Johann, 2.) Nicholas III., 3.) Jaroslaw and 4.) Bohuslaw way the world. John was 1450 born and died 1517. His 1. Wife named Gwendolyn (Kunka) of Ronow and was the widow of John Zcalta Steinberg. The second wife Magdalene of Thörring, Daughter of George and Agnes High Rechenberg, gave birth to his daughter Margaret and Helen, and the only son of Yaroslav II, on the 18. 8.1483 was born. Yaroslav married 1501 mit Margareta, a daughter of Henry, Burggraf of Meissen, Count of Herberstein and Lord of Plauen and Metz. He died 1529.

His marriage was 7 Children have resulted: Johann (+1503) Heinrich (+1504) Lewin (+1505) Heinrich, Anna (+1508) Albrecht (+1508) and Sebastian. Only the sons of Henry and Sebastian survived the father. Henry was at the 4. 101506 born and married to Eva von Schleinitz. He died 1578 , leaving three sons: Maximilian, Georg and Johann Heinrich…


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