Contributions to the history of the sex of uradeligen Stojentin in Pomerania

According to the chroniclers of old Pomeranian belonging to the oldest of the Stojentin, most respected and wealthiest families of the former Duchy of Pomerania. The family name can only Stojentin to 14. August 1341 lead back; but the first bearer of the name proves, that is already very old at that time the family, been powerful and wealthy must be. The most extensive findings resulted from the research by the author in the archives to Stolp, in Danzig, and in the Secret State Archives in Berlin. In the old family estate, he also discovered in the fall 1889 a chest in the attic of the mansion with precious documents from the period of 16., 17. and 18. Century.

The former of this generation were Bertold and Matzen of Stojentin:

Some of the nobility of the country to Stolpe, including above-Named, pledge on joint decision on behalf of the whole country and the Dukes of Szczecin Stolpe, Pomerania Bogislaw, Barnim Wartislaw and strife, To control theft and fire, to protect the rights of their men and to strengthen and prevent the building of the land to destroy noxious vests and such at his own expense. Stolp, the 14. August 1341

The coat of arms:

The left split diagonally in blue top coat of arms shows a protruding silver stag growing right, below, it is blue and silver (or gold) geschacht. On the helmet with blue and silver (blue and gold) Cover three peacock feathers, from smaller springs arising.

Namesake of Valentine Stojentin:

Valentin von Stojentin, was the Reformation and Luther's teaching with an open mind. Thanks to his influence, that 1521 not after the return of the Duke of Reichtstag Worms action against the reformers, and so was a peaceful spread of Protestantism was possible.


  • Stojentin, Max von : Contributions to the history of the sex of uradeligen Stojentin Pomeranian origin. Bd. 1, Notes and news documentary, Brunswick : Printing and Publishing Richard Sattler, 1895 (With two family trees, and many seal figures) Family Information you can find in my database.

Other literature:


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