Contribution to family history of sex Bünsow under six centuries

The Greifswaldische branch of sex Bünsow:

Beginning with John and Caspar (Jaspar Bünsow, Notes to Bünsow Foundation, the grave stones of the family in the Greifswald Bünsow churches, History of the goods and Bugewitz Heidemühl.

The very respected patrician family Bünsow is probably immigrated from Great Bünsow near Anklam and was 1306 residing in Greifswald and since 1312 by 16 Members represented on the Council. In a document from the year 1421 Arndt Bünsow mentioned as a councilman in Usedom and Stralsund in the family for several generations belonged to the patrician families of the city. The largest number of members of the family which must have been living in Greifswald, where from 1312 to 1740 no fewer than 17 of them councilors- Mayor and clothed bodies.

Anklam originate from branch Bünsowschen families in Sweden, Estonia and Mexico from.

The Anklam-Holstein branch of sex Bünsow:

These were David and Joachim Hinrich Hermann Bünsow, the pedigrees of sex, There are drawings of the house in Bünsowschen Sundvall, der Villa Merlo und Stockholm, Explaining the family coat of arms with Figure


Rob. Bünsow: Contribution to family history of sex Bünsow under six centuries, Stockholm u. Keel: Fahlcrantz, 1913 (Published by the UB Kiel)

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