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Family history of von Zitzewitz


The sex is Zitzewitz, how old Pomeranian chroniclers, Wendish origin in Pomerania. The earliest documents date from the years 1345 and 1347. It is clear from the available documents, that Zitzewitz had a very important cargo complex. (see Figure) Since the acquisition of such a large landed property can not be done in a short period of time, one must assume, that both real estate as well as the associated master of sex is much older, document than the existing documents.

During the XV. Century the feudal relation was adopted by the native nobility of Pomerania. Thus, Martin I. Although not considered to Zitzewitz undoubtedly proven ancestor, but as the documentary has become known namesakes of the present generation. The family served as officials of the Dukes of Pomerania. The foreign country Margrave Waldemar gave 1311 sovereignty over the River Stolpe at the new town of Stolp. But had the disadvantage of this monopoly would later residing on the banks of the independent families Puttkamer and Zitzewitz.

Bolduan d. Elder, to the 1620 The first general genealogy aufstellte, went on no common ancestor. Only later genealogists call a desire of Bolduan d. Younger yielding, Martin (*at 1300) as the progenitor of the whole race of.

By various researchers, attempts have been made, to investigate the origin of the surname (Sitfouits, Siczouicze, Citzewitz, Zittwitz, Czitczceuitcze etc.) Even Max von Stojentin has in its history 2. Statements about this band led.

The former Slavic race was becoming a German family, but were the Slavs with the North Germanic blood relatives. Composed of indigenous nobility was the Pomeranian country at the time of Duke Bogislav X. the stamp of the Germans pressed. Until the end of the XV. Century saw the nobility of the country's stumbling (what time today Schlawe circles and among Rummelsburg) dependent lack of adequate legal protection by the government to help themselves. The knight looked at his Duke as well “Primus inter pares”, but not recognized him as sovereign lord, as it later demanded and obtained the Hohenzollern.

Martin was born at a time, as the resident at Danzig dukes of Pomerania drew to a close. In December 1294 it died with the weak Duke Mestwin II. from. After his death, the war of succession broke out ostpommersche 15 Lasted for years and basically represented a struggle between Slavs and Germans. The more completely Slavic nobility of Pomerania, Martin and his family which also belong, wanted the annexation of Poland and refused all legitimate claims to the inheritance of the dukes of Western Pomerania – therefore already, because they had turned to the Germans and the immigration of numerous German beneficiary in their country.

As 1326 the energetic Duke Wartislav IV. of Pomerania-Wolgast, died, and the dukes of Pomerania-Stettin, took over the guardianship, The situation changed dramatically. Now also interfered with the progress Roden, to tear a piece of land after another to be. It bought 1329 Of the sons of Marshal von Behr, Bytów the country and a number of stately country estates in the stumbling, including Küssow, and Labuhn.

Of 1350 we find in Matthew and Karsten von Zitzwitz to Varzin in conjunction with the Manteuffel to Poppelow, the Puttkamer, Goltz and Podewils and many other noble comrades, the years attacked the merchants and robbed, how they violated the farmers, Peers arrested and monasteries ransacked. However, the Zitzewitz succeeded after years of murder and pillage, back to amicably with the rulers tolerated. They shared not to be executed in the Los, like their fellow.

The other two branches of the House took the middle of the 16. Century a number of great men out, which had an impact as a shining example to the next of kin, which were lifted up to a higher moral level. The line card of Matthias and there was no such drive. Hostilities against the Grenznachbarm as the Massow, the Brunnow and were enormously from Ramel to Wusterwitz, so that they became the terror of the whole area. The highlight of this rapacious and profane life took place in 1609. It ended with the death of Martin in prison. It was from then on, changed the fortunes of this line. Varzin died in the line 1781 from. The descendants of the extensive lines and Zitzewitz Muttrin received in 1909 the Prussian earldom.

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The records of sex

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Description of the emblem
The older genealogy of sex for genealogical sources
The oldest regular series of sex and its ancestor, Martin von Zitzewitz +1547
History of the three lines of the houses Varzin, Janne joke, Quakenburg branch, and the genealogy of the third line
The traditional pedigree of sex von Zitzewitz of 1300 to 1800
The map of the goods of the third line


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