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Danmarks Adels Aarbog (Yearbook of the Danish nobility)

Danmarks Adels Aarbog (Yearbook of the Danish nobility) is an annual publication, with genealogical details of Danish noble families.

It was first 1884 published, making it one of the oldest publications of its kind. The individual volumes I have on the website Lars Ove Steen as Wang Digitalisate entdeckt. Authors: Hans Rudolf Hiort-Lorenzen und Anders Thiset. (Index of Families) The vintage 1900 can under be downloaded

This also fits the work of Ferdinand Christian Hermann von Krogh: The higher the Danish Nobility: And genealogisk Haandbog, Copenhagen: Chr. Steen & Sun 1866.

Google Books has four classes available for download, which are accessible via U.S. proxy:

12. Year 1895, ID = VGUNAAAAYAAJ
17. Year 1900, ID = 9JUNAAAAYAAJ
18. Year 1901, ID=MGcNAAAAYAAJ
23. Year 1906, ID = mW8NAAAAYAAJ

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