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Codex Pomeraniae Vicinarumque Terrarum Diplomaticus

Title: Friederich von Dreger, weyl. Royal Prussian Geheimten Finantz-Raths, Codex Pomeraniae Vincinarumque Terrarum Diplomaticus:

Or certificates, then the Pomeranian-Rügianisch- and Caminschen, The neighboring countries, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, Prussia and Poland tackle, consisting of nothing but original research, or at archiuischen copies in chronological order compiled and discussed with notes. (I. Band up to the year 1269 )

In addition to an appendix, which the portraits of the dukes Pomerellischen, some improvements and comments, Specification of a second-hand sources in this band, and a four-fold over the tab therein statements, occurring castles, Castelle, strange things and name contains within itself. (1768 supplemented by Oelrichs and published in a new edition)


Oelrichs, Carl Johann Conrad: (*12.8.1722-10.1.1799) German historian and legal scholar
by Dreger, Frederick (3.10.1699-26.8.1750) Known by the publications on the history of Pomerania (Hauptwerk Codex Pomeraniae)

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