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Chronicle of domination Straupitz in Lower Lusatia

To rule Straupitz included the villages of Mocho, Straupitz and Laaso. The village was Straupitz 1346 a church village, The Wendish village comes Laaso 1447 in front of Lehnbriefen, Vorwerk is the first in a Mocho Lehnbrief 1565 called and was created by two brothers, Caspar and Christoph, Castle Count of Dohna. The former owner of the rule Straupitz up towards the end of 13. Century is unknown or highly uncertain. After the abolition of the Polish government and the re-conquest of Lower Lusatia by the Germans was invested with Straupitz Accessories. It came 1447 the castle of Count Dohna. At the 12.10.1578 bought Joachim von der Schulenburg this rule, and then it came on 17.8.1615 to George of Malwitz and supported by the Lehnbrief from 30.7.1655 an General Christoph von Houwald + 29.11. 1661 in Straupitz. The later title of count under the law of primogeniture has been linked with the ownership of the Free caste domination Straupitz. Since 1854 Graf was the respective member of the Prussian House of Lords (to the resolution 1918)

Extract from the lineage of those Houwald:

Christoph Haubal * at 1575 in well-Hausen Markneukirchen; † 26. September 1617 in Grimma, Citizens and drapers in Grimsby
Christoph * 20. December 1601 in Grimma; † 29. November 1661 in Straupitz) General, Lord of the open caste domination Straupitz (purchased 1655), Lord of Maldeuten, Seeger forest, Zippeln, Zilpemühle, Höfchen Falkenau, Figeiken, Drenken and Posorten

Adolf baptized 1. November 1643 in Danzig; † 1. July 1672 in Königsberg in Prussia Brandenburg Captain, Mr. Maldeuten on etc.

Heinrich (Henry) * 7. December 1664 in Geneva; † 15. December 1709 in Mr. Maldeuten on Maldeuten etc., Official Prussian captain in Holland, Prussian court- and Counselor, Saxon groom

Christoph Wilibald Heinrich * 15. June 1706 in Prussian Holland; † 3. June 1741 in Straupitz) Lord of Maldeuten etc., Free nobleman on Straupitz (since 1717), Polish-Saxon Gentleman

Karl Gottlob Wilibald * 15. November 1739 in Straupitz; † 12. December 1799 in Straupitz Free nobleman on Straupitz, Lord of Kraupe, Radensdorf and Neuhaus, County judge of Markgraftums Niederlausitz

Karl Heinrich Ferdinand * 6. April 1773 in Straupitz; † 2. June 1832 in Straupitz Free nobleman on Straupitz etc., County judge of Lower Lusatia, Knights of the Red Eagle Order 3. Class

  • Heinrich Wilibald Graf von Houwald * 17. April 1807 in Straupitz; † 11. April 1884 in Straupitz Free nobleman on Straupitz, Member of the Prussian House of Lords, Honorary Knight of the Order of St. John
  • Christoph Freiherr von Adolf Houwald * 30. June 1812 in Straupitz; † 10. January 1887 in Züllichau postmaster, Major
  • Karl Gottlob Freiherr von Houwald * 16. July 1816 in Straupitz; † 9. January 1883 Mr. Neuhaus Neuhaus on, District, Counsel of the country Niederlausitz
  • Otto Ferdinand Freiherr von Houwald * 6. January 1818 in Straupitz; † 31. August 1894 Privy Councillor in Berlin, Legal Knights of St John
  • Gustav Heinrich Freiherr von Houwald * 23. October 1819 in Straupitz; † 18. January 1856 Potsdam captain
  • Seriously Heinrich Freiherr von Houwald * 23. October 1819 in Straupitz; † 7. February 1891 in Dresden Generalmajor (see database)


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