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Chronicle of the Seidel family

chronik-familie-seidelThe name of Seidel is a typical Silesian and can be found at the upper or. He was beyond doubt after the Germanic settlement of the land to 1250. Once you explain him away from the property, namely "sedelen, sideln "the central German word for" sit down ". The Sedelhof was a noble, German seat in the surrounding Slavic country. A Sedelmann was the owner or lessee of such "Seidel", therefore called simply "The settlers".

After the conquest of Silesia, Frederick the Great founded in the country, under the Counter-Reformation of the 16. Century had suffered the most, Silesia, all Protestant churches, so also 1743 Tschirnau in the district of Wroclaw. In the earliest records of the name now appears Seidel. The entries of the given date are located in the parish register of the local Catholic church, the Anno 1658 uses. The area on both sides of the former Prussian-Polish border was the prince of Sulkowski, Travel to the Castle (Rydnyna) sat and 49 Called his own goods.

This generation were used in several generations Seidel in senior positions. They were consistently reeves, Forester, Gardener. In addition to these direct ancestors of a second group of urban relatives in Tschirnau itself appears. They practiced the profession of civil butchery and drapery, and descended from Hans Seydel and Eva Janke. (Born to 1670, married on 9.11.1694)

She branched out to 1720 by Lissa, Herrnstadt and Züllichau in the Mark. The database also has a family Seidel listed, whether and what connections there are to the here described to me is an open question. The Chronicle is here be downloaded ...

Author: Friedrich Hayn, Dresden 1931, Origin: SLUB Dresden