Family history of sleeves

The name of the bourgeois family, originally a sleeve was undoubtedly “Hülse”, this emerges from the old church book records (Ego Paulus Huelse Misnicus Martisburgensis) Since 1768 Paul Gottfried moved to Premnitz sleeves at Rathenow and since then the name was written resistant sleeves. The oldest ancestor was a Otmar sleeve, as the honorable member of the guild of Beutler was located in Merseyside.

The 1625 born son Christoph sleeves was the future deacon at the parish church in Merseyside +1684. He married 1658 mit Sybilla Dorothea Breuer, a daughter of the mayor Christian Breuer. From this marriage eight children….. The present work describes the history of the family line and Stechow Premnitz, including genealogies up to modern times.


Dr. Friedrich sleeves, Published A. Hoffmann in Artern, printed as a manuscript in 1881 (Download)

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