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Chronicle of the families Bartsch Striegau, Liegnitz and Freiburg

The oldest name of carrier (Baracz) came from Brieg. He was a citizen and a homeowner and is in 1382 named as consul of the city. From his 4 Children was the eldest son of Philip, mentioned in documents 1389 and Stanislaus. Almost all the tribes owe the knowledge of the names and fates of their ancestors to 15. Century, the content of notarial acts. But since in these times, the personal signature of the witnesses was not necessary, so lacking in general this. This was subject to the spelling of the name of the witness at the mercy of the document writer and there is indeed "Write as you speak properly"! Even the name Bartsch fared Sun. In Striegau is the oldest documented ancestor of this family occupied a Nicholas I. Barascher. He was an elder of the butchers' guild, Schöppe, Councilor and farmer. He was born about. 1322. His death is with the month of Feburary 1387 certified. Two years after the death of Nicholas II Nicholas appears. in urban and honorary posts in the same building sectors. Here, the transition to shearing of the name Barat Bartsch.

It is remarkable, that the family Bartsch immediately after the Hussite until the first third of the 16. Century Striegau both among the representatives of the municipality as well as by representatives of the guilds is totally absent. Citizens directories such as tax rolls, or even from those centuries church documents are missing and even the membership lists of the various guilds begin by the middle of the 16. Century.

Within the first line are Schweidnitzer Hans Bartsch (1622) Gerber knows the city and Michael Bartsch (1600-1668) Innkeeper at the English greeting, shoemaker and elder, and since 1633 Councilor in the city Schweidnitz.

Progenitor of the line was Christopher Freiburger I. Bartsch, as. 1460 born. His son Christopher II. Bartsch died 1532 in Striegau. The names of his children Christopher and Caspar Joachim Bartsch. Both moved with their parents or were born to Striegau.

A well-known representatives of this family is without doubt Jacob Bartsch, born 1600 in Lauban and become known as an astronomer. He married 12. March 1630 Susanne, the daughter of Johannes Kepler…


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Bartsch, Ewald: Documentary chronicles the families Bartsch Striegau, Legnica, Jawor and Freiburg considering some verschwägerter families, Loschwitz: Self-publishing 1899, 1900 (Download)

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