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Citizens of the city of Mulhouse until 1798

Muehlhausen is one of the oldest cities and was equipped as those with extensive regalia and freedoms. Under Frederick Barbarossa Mulhouse was a free imperial city in 1163. This emperor was also the founder and benefactor of St. Stephen Church.

In this work the author of the citizens of the city leads to their offices and honors to, lists the date of the civil rights acquisition and is all in all a complete history- and pedigree of the city, which is rounded off with the colored coats of arms of city families.

To the extinct noble families include of Argweiler, Baselwind, Brinninghofen, Brown, Dornach, Gliers, Granweil, High Prince, Hügelsheim, Neuenstein, Registered Home, Rosen, Sennheim, Speyer, Thierstein, Wittenheim etc…


Ehrsam, Nicholas: The city of Mühlhausen privileged citizens Book: until the unification of the republic with France in 1798, Mühlhausen: Rissler 1850

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