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The Kassel Bürgerbuch (1520 to 1699) after the original in the city archives


The publication of the Kassel citizens book is intended for the local historian and genealogist of the most profitable draws. The original consists of 64 Parchment leaves in folio with a strong wooden cover and pressed leather coat with brass fittings.
The division of the Codex is following: on page 1 is the coat of arms painted on, the right of a wild man, right held by an angel, middle two columns, by a rather tasteless sheets are connected; stands on the sheet “Kassel 1570″. Page 2 is empty, on page three to five of the oath of citizenship following the year 1561, then from page six to eight years, the guarantor bow 1578. The sides 9 to 107 Directories contain citizens with a total 3008 Entries. Citizens lists start with the annual 1520


Gundlach, Franz: The Cassell Book citizens 1520 to 1699, Kassel : 1895