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Geneva printer and publisher in the characters 15. to 17. Century

With books brands, Printer- and publisher characters or Signeten featured in earlier times printer or publisher of their works. The flowering of the Geneva printing is closely related with the Geneva Reformation movement and its literary life.

Wygang Koeln was the only printer in the Geneva Reformation, the very first quarter of the century (1521) worked there. He was, as the first two Geneva printer, Adam Steynschaber and Henri Wirczburg, native “Former France orientali” and described himself in his first works as Teutonicus. Paul Heitz with this 1908 published bibliographic special research leave a scientifically outstanding work.

The printer of the characters born in Leipzig and renowned typographer Johann Rambau for example, represented a ship at sea hochgehendem and it is located on the country a kneeling man praying, of an armature in front of them, Lightning and rain hit the ship, a hand from the clouds but, to read about what the name is Jehovah, holding a piece of paper with the words "salus tua ego sum"


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