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George Rhete one of the first printing of the 16. Century in Szczecin


A few years after the invention of printing had already found a native plant science, than at the 17. October 1456 the University of Greifswald was founded.

But neither this fact nor the general introduction of the Reformation in Pomerania 1534, could Szczecin still in Greifswald establish at that time a book printer Officin. The first Buchrucker were usually also the publisher. The first publisher I call in this area was George Rhete.

He was the founder of today's F. Hessenland'schen letterpress printing and typography at the same ancestor of a second sex in Szczecin. Almost simultaneously with Johann Eichhorn and his son Andreas Kellner, Rhete acquired in 1577 Duke John Frederick the privilege of a printer in the Old-Stettin.

Little is known about the origin, no doubt, but he came from Greifenberg, had studied in Frankfurt on the Oder, and in 1573 as a sub-deacon and clerk at the St. Mary's Church served. His commission as such, dated 1. January 1573, while only from Easter from his office for a year and managed 30 Guilders and 1 Wispel rye and free lodging in the home of a little Domstrasse, the bell tower of St Mary's received over.

In 1574 Rhete handed a petition to the patronage of St. Mary's Church because of his salary increase, and authorization of wood grain and one, But he received a negative response. These offices he managed with care and loyalty for eight years and was 1581 Finally, pastor of St.. Peter and Paul Church.

George was the first Rhete, who dealt in Szczecin with the making of calendars and other Prognosticis. 1577 the idea came to him in addition to his official activities to have their own printing press. He sent letters and calendar signs, even hand-carved wooden characters missing, let himself make a wooden press, and since Rhete had received in the same year of Duke Johann Friedrich the authority to publish his calendar, he made it up myself. Also from him a description of the Szczecin came on 13. November 1577 Comets seen, he on 1. January 1578 published. (The first publication is waiter 1576 printed hymnal called)

George was married to Anna Rhete Ramelow, the daughter of the mayor to Treptow and had ten children from this. Rhete died on 15. February 1586. After his death, took over the writing of David Herlicius Calendar, remained during the pressure in the Rhete'schen Buchdruckerei. The latter took the eldest son Jochim, who had learned the art of printing with the Father. Jochim was born on 2. February 1566 and having been married since 4. September 1592 Elisabeth Cradeln, the daughter of the Prince Philip moneyer Cradeln. After his death, his son, David, the business of the Father. David was married to Regina Wentland and received at 24. More 1625 by Duke Bogusław XIV. his commission as a book printer to Old-Stettin….


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