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digitization of "Bergmann Exulantensammlung

When "Bergmann Exulantensammlung" is an intermediate stage between archival source , finding aids and manuscript . The collection consists of 60 handwritten folio volumes , the Dresdner headmaster Alwin Bergmann (1862-1938) in nearly forty years of painstaking work with all the information available about exiles filled .

Description :

The Bohemian exiles - Lutheran denomination in large part refugees , since the Thirty Years War, Bohemia , Moravia, Slovakia and Silesia left and settled in large numbers in Saxony - was for a long time to research into the little-treated groups of migrants 17. Century, compares to its notoriety with the Huguenots or the Salzburg Protestants . Nothing was nonetheless mainly in Saxony, the memory of the thousands of immigrants maintained , in the 17. and 18. century settled there . Due to the recent renewed interest in migration history, it seemed necessary , this research to provide new foundations .


In cooperation of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and the Central State Archive Dresden »Bergmann'sche Exulantensammlung" was realized .


Christian Adolf Peschek: The Bohemian exiles in Saxony , Leipzig: Hierzel , 1857

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