Johann von Dalberg, a German humanist and bishop

Born 14.8. 1455 Oppenheim. His father was the Palatine Marshal Wolf Dalberg (1426-1476) Johann von Dalberg in Erfurt studied philosophy and law in Pavia. 1480 He was provost of Worms, and Chancellor of the University of Heidelberg. At the 2.8. 1482 he was elected Bishop of Worms.

His family, the youth, initial studies, his time as bishop, the last years of life and death are described in the following impressive work. He was one of the chosen few, have been honored with a marble bust in the Walhalla.


klassische Studie des Erbachischen Archivars Karl Morneweg, Heidelberg 1887 (The book as Download wurde freundlicherweise von der Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Düsseldorf zur Verfügung gestellt)


Der Wormser Bischof Johann von Dalberg (1482 – 1503) und seine Zeit (Volltext Edoc UB Frankfurt)

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