Processing of Birkenfeld church records

Important and valuable family historical materials offer the church books in general, moreover, they give us insight into the culture- and folklore.

The church records Birkenfeld (their 1. Part is present here) are almost completely since it was introduced after the Reformation 1568 geblieben.Aber also received from neighboring, once zweibrückischen Achtelsbach has a book to church 1573 get.

Birkenfeld is the county town of the district of Birkenfeld, in the southwestern part of Rhineland-Palatinate. Achtelsbach belongs to the municipality of Birkenfeld.

Arrived manuscript sources for use:

1. The Birkenfelder church records of the Protestant community 1568-1798, Church Archives and mayoralty Birkenfeld
2. The oldest book of the Reformed Church congregation Achtelsbach with entries 1573 by the end of 17. Century aud the archive of the municipality Achtelsbach
3. Charity accounting and gradebook the inspector Corvinus from the archive of the community
4. 2 Smoke Haber register of Birkenfeld and Reichenbacher bans 1559-1563 from the collection of Birkenfeld Society for Ancient Studies.
5. Records of the parish vicar Stork of the year 1755 from the archives of the town of Birkenfeld
6. Description of the parish of Birkenfeld Go. Churches Haack, the manuscript in the archives of the community


Lohmeyer, Karl – Birkenfeld: Fillmann 1909 Download at “dilibri Rhineland-Palatinate”

In the 2. Part itself is the detailed persons- and subjects are.

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