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Biography Swedish War- and statesmen

From the contents:

Count Rutger of mountain ash *2. June 1621 in Kurland, +17. April 1693 Gothenburg in a German field marshal in the Swedish-Baltic services and one of the greatest generals and politicians in Sweden.

Adam Ludwig Count Lowenhaupt *15. April 1659 in a warehouse before Copenhagen, +12. February 1719 in Moskau, a Swedish general.

Erich (Erik Jonsson) Count of Dahlberg * 10. October 1625 in Stockholm, † 16. January 1703 a Swedish field marshal and military engineer.


Swedish Biography: 1. Part and 2. Part: containing a collection of biographies of famous Swedish War- and statesmen, edited by August Ludwig Schlozer, published by David Iversen 1760,1768, of the Russian State Library provided.

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