Prince Hermann von Pückler Muskau – A Biography

Hermann's father, John Charles Louis, Count Erdmann was on Pückler Branitz, real secret council, Born on 12.7.1754; his mother, Clementine, Gwendolyn Louise Charlotte Olympia came from the equally ancient noble family Callenberg; Born on 5.6.1770 she married – 14 Years old – at the 27.12.1784 and the professional Muskau brought in Upper Lusatia with their marriage.

Hermann's grandmother was a Frenchwoman, Olympia Gräfin von la Tour du Pin. His two Größväter reached an unusually high age, the father's side was 89, the mother's 96 Years. Hermann was born as the firstborn 30.10.1785 on a Sunday at midnight at the castle to Muskau the light of day.

It is not always a boon, Born in the highest spheres of society to be, because the boy was granted a most unhappy youth. The amazing and vibrant, but also reckless Clementine, who had married as a child and with 15 Years was already mother, could not get along with her husband, of what it means, not very sociable and was not quite amiable. After the Countess had been born to him three daughters (Clementine, White und Agnes) it was decided to separate, and later to a full-court divorce…

Prince Pückler-Muskau on Branitz at Cottbus, Lower Lusatia was a German nobleman, Landscape Architect, Writer and world traveler (his pen name as a writer and traveler: "The deceased" or "Semilasso") and a prominent member of high society. He died childless at 4.2.1871


Prince Hermann von Pückler Muskau. Part 1 and Part 2 : A Biography: von Ljudmilla Assing, published by Hoffmann & Campe, Hamburg 1873-1874, of the Russian State Library provided.

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  1. A fascinating man, I for the first time by his “Southeastern picture gallery” perceived, a travelogue of the years 1835-36 from the liberated from the Ottoman rule Greece. Still worth reading. Have seen the landscape architect Pückler you have on the ground in Cottbus Branitz umd Muskau. For this I refer to my humble Travel Impression from the year 2006.
    Peter Teuthorn