The Bibliotheca Windhagiana : Digitized Books from the coat of arms 16. Century

At the 5. January 1651 was Joachim Enzmilner of Emperor Ferdinand for his “ sonderbar , famous, guten Qualitäten , aristocratic manners and virtues , Vernunft , admirable skill and sophistication , also because of the emperor by 15 years faithfully in the Lower Austrian government provided services ” added to the peerage, and was allowed to omitting his surname Enzmilner now Wohlgeborner Baron Windhag , Lord on Pragtal and Saxeneck nennen .

At the 19. November 1669 him Emperor Leopold rose in Reichsgrafenstand titled the Holy Roman Empire and Lord of Count and Windhag on Pragtal , Münzbach and Saxeneck , Freiherr von Rosenberg am Kamp , Reichenau Freienwalde usw. His already 1642 was transformed into a Allod Windhag rule applicable to the county .

Enzmilners extensive library , the Bibliotheca Windhagiana after his death as one of the cornerstones of the University Library of the University of Vienna . is the still existing Windhag Scholarship Foundation for Lower Austria attributed to him . introduced early on Monday Klaus Graf daraus ( digitized by the University of Tübingen ) before .

Joachim Coloured Coat of Windhags books :

1. Band: arms of the kings and emperors of the world ; 2. Electors, Prince, dukes and counts ; 3. barons and gentlemen ; 4. Austrian nobility
2. Band: The Estates of the Holy Roman Empire at the time of its transition to the German : Electors, Herzöge , Prince, Counts, Gentlemen, chivalry and imperial cities, as well as Austrian aristocrats
3. Band: Wappen Afrikanischer , Asian and American kings ; Wappen deutscher , French , Spanish and other dukes , Counts, Barons, knights and noble families, as well as an Austrian aristocrat
4. Band: Wappen der Erzpatriarche , Kardinäle , Archbishops, Bishops, Fürstäbte , Abbots, Pröpste , Orden , Crusaders , abbesses and nunneries in Europe …

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