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Memoirs of Nobel Prize winner Bertha von Suttner

Bertha (Sophia Joy) Baroness von Suttner (*9. June 1843 in Prag + 21. June 1914 in Vienna) Austrian writer and pacifist, was. In 1905 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Bertha von Suttner was born Countess Kinsky of Chinic as native and Tettau of a Bohemian noble family. Ihr Vater Franz Joseph Graf Kinsky, in the front of her birth 75. Of age died, was a retired lieutenant field marshal and treasurer, born in Vienna and legitimate son of the country and the ruler of the Lord Chamberlain Chlumec, Ferdiand Count Kinsky of Chinic and Tettau. Your grandmother's maiden name was Christine Princess of Liechtenstein. She grew up with her mother, originally from Prague, Sophia Wilhelmina of grains. Having inherited the fortune of her father because of the gambling addiction of the mother was gone largely, Bertha took 1873 a governess to the industrialist Baron Karl von Suttner in Vienna and placed the four daughters of the family lessons in music and language. During this time she fell in love with the seven years younger than Arthur von Suttner Gundaccar, the youngest son of Suttner.

1876 she traveled to Paris, where she was the private secretary of Alfred Nobel for scarce two weeks. (Arthur's mother had, dismiss the ratio between Bertha and her son to stop Bertha and gives her the job at Nobel.

This was but the King of Sweden called back home. Bertha returned to Vienna and married secretly on Arthur Gundaccar 12. June 1876, against the wishes of his parents. Arthur Suttner was disinherited in the episode and the couple moved for more than eight years in the Caucasus to Georgia to Princess Ekatarina Dadiani of Mingrelien, where the two financial difficult circumstances of casual work lived, especially from writing popular novels and translations.


Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner : With 3 Portraits of the author, German publishing house 1909 (Download) in the Russian State Library


Thirty and forty: Roman / Bertha von Suttner, Dresden, Leipzig: Pierson 1893 (Download)
The Hague Peace Conference: Diary sheets / Bertha von Suttner, It. Pierson Publishing, 1900 (Download)

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