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The progenitor Dietrich Bassermann is to 1644 drawn in a circle Windecken Hanau. Here he and his wife Christine were born two children: at the 8. June 1645 the son of William, who was baptized in the Church Hospital Hanau and 1648 Little son Johann Dietrich.

Dietrich Bassermann had about six years, the high wind mill in corners, before he moved to Ostheim. It has been documented, that he 30 Years old was in the year 1645 – He died in the age of 67 1682.

Is reported by John Dietrich, that on 1. February 1648, perhaps in Gronau, but probably in one of the surrounding towns where his father had fled, is born. His godfather of which he was given the name, John was the master, Baker to the New-Hanau. He was born as a citizen and innkeeper baker 15. 6. 1669 married to Amalia Stone and died in the Babenhausen 19. 2. 1704.

Johann Philipp Bassermann in Worms

According to a release of Archis the city of Worms, Johann Philipp is on 24.4.1707 been taken up with his wife Veronica and six children in the citizenship of the city of Worms. Here he was given another six children, on the last 24.4.1722. There was a daughter named Mary Elizabeth was. The son of Johann Eberhard made on 1.7.1721 his masterpiece and was inducted into the bakers' guild, but he died 3.11.1730. His brother Johann Heinrich, Baker also in Worms, left the city.

Bassermänner guild action in the Mannheim:

Ludwig Bassermann, Heidelberg 21.4.1807
Friedrich Bassermann, Mannheim 9.10.1827
William Bassermann, Mannheim 21.7.1830
Frederick Daniel Bassermann, Mannheim 12.4.1834
Alexander Ludwig Bassermann, Mannheim 24.1.1837
Julius Henry Bassermann, Mannheim 31.12.1841
Carl Ludwig Bassermann, Mannheim 7.8.1846

The politician Friedrich Daniel Bassermann (1811-1855)

Frederick was Bassermann 1841 Member of the Baden Second Chamber, and soon he was a leader of the liberal opposition to the reactionary Ministry v. Blittersdorf. At the 12.9.1848 He turned into the chamber, the famous motion on grounds of a German National Assembly, the starting point of the German constitutional movement was. The State Gazette published a decree thereupon.

Friedrich Bassermann went as steward of the Baden Government to Frankfurt and took it to the forefront of German affairs. He participated in the Pre-Parliament, in the deliberations of the 17 Confidence Men, the draft constitution worked out and was sent from the Bavarian constituency in the Frankfurt Parliament. He was a member and Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the Constituent National Assembly. In August 1848 Regent was the Archduke of Austria and his ministry appointed secretary of state Bassermann the Department of the Interior. In 1851 Bassermann laid down his seat in Parliament. His health had been shaken at this time and 1855 He retired 44-year life of the.

Frederick Daniel Bassermann was married to the pastor's daughter Emilie Karbach (1811–1872) and had five children, including Emil Bassermann-Jordan, Owner of the eponymous winery in Bad Durkheim and Otto Friedrich Bassermann, Bassermann of the publishing house after the death of his father led.

Digital Editions:

Bassermannsche Family News, 1. Band, 1906
Bassermannsche Family News, 2. Band, 1908
Bassermannsche Family News, 3. Band, 1909
Bassermannsche Family News, 4. Band, 1910
Bassermannsche Family News, 5. Band, 1911


Bassermann, Ernst and Kurt: Bassermannsche Family News, Mannheim 1906-1911


The descendents of Dietrich Bassermann

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