Baltic Genealogical Releases 1931-1939

From the contents of the following expenditure:

The family coat of arms Aderkas
The ancestors of the Provost Johann Ernst luck
News about the family (of) Peucker with genealogy
On the history of thrush on Anreps
The sex Karell
The Baron von Wolff in Livonia with genealogy
Something about the family Clayhills
Pedigree of the country Marshal Friedrich Freiherr von Meyendorff in Livonia
Baltic Finnländische name in church records
Family history of the Christian chroniclers cup
The city school or trivial school in Tallinn
On the history of the family of Bandemer
The Baltic branch of the family of Leibnitz
The earliest ancestors of Carl Ernst von Baer's
Ancestors of Margaretha Dorothea Metz eating
Genealogy Boderik (Bodercke) called Wekebrod
On the issue of older genealogy of the family Kohsen
Ancestors of Robert Baron Engelhardt
The family coat of arms of Derfelden
Gender of Hunninghusen
Anton Weimar and his family relationships
On the history of the family of Judge
Note on the family of Schöningk
The family of camping (The battle) in Reval
Genealogy of the family Blumentrost
The von Rechenberg
List of all glassmaking families in Estonia- and Livonia
Whence came Jacobine Amalie of straw church?
Pedigree of the siblings of choice
Ancestors of Thomas George of Venice
Master list of family Moritz
Genealogy of the extinct race Drolshagen
Genealogy of the family of extinct animals
The Genealogy of the Estonian Family Pastor Schwabe
Notes on genera and Welling Meteler
A.d.H The Genealogy of the family von Wilcken. Wessel village
For the life story of the mayor Dierich Reimers
About the Family Rydhenius in Sweden
The genealogy of the family of Gilsen a.d.H. Gilsa in Hesse


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1939, No.. 1
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1939, No.. 4

Publisher and editor, Baron W. von Maydell

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