Baldwin of Luxembourg 1285 to 1354: Archbishop of Trier and Elector of the Empire

More than a thousand years, lent than the Ottonian Empire Kalrs the Great new look, Luxembourg has emerged. It has evolved out of the sphere and the possession of one of the great earls in the fragmented and fought hard for decades part of the old Carolingian Empire Central, the regnum Lotharii Lothars II. An exchange act is at the historical beginning of both the House of Luxembourg and the country and the city of Luxembourg…


Baldwin of Luxembourg : Erzbischof von Trier, Kurfürst des Reiches ; 1285 – 1354 ; Festschrift aus Anlaß des 700. Geburtsjahres / Ed. von Franz-Josef Heyen, Mainz : Offered. für Mittelrhein. Church History, 1985 (Download)

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