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Dietmanns Saxon Pfarrerbuch


To study the history of each parish families, but also the history of the village church, books are the pastor an indispensable aid. Exist for each region of Germany to, sometimes detailed but also partially defective Publications. One reason this works is “The whole of the unamended Augsp. Confession thane delivered in the electorate of Saxony priesthood and those incorporated, and some adjacent lands … / ausgefertiget by Karl Gottlob Dietmann“, which is now in the digital library of the University of Halle online. Karl Gottlob Dietmannsdorf pastor, Church historian, Publicist, Writer * 5.2.1721 Grunau bei[...]

Genealogical tables of John Huebner


Johannes Huebner (* 17. March 1668 in Türchau in Zittau; † 21. More 1731 in Hamburg) Rector of the school to S. Johannes in Hamburg, was an eminent genealogist. See also Wikipedia. Many of his works have been digitized. One of his fundamental works, the genealogical tables: Bd. 1 1708 and the Munich DigitaBdsat Bd. 3 1728 Bd. 4 1733 Brief Introduction to 2 (3) Part of his genealogical tables Bd. 1 1727 Bd. 2 1728

The counts of Mansfeld

The old family of the Counts of Mansfeld, one of the most important Saxon-Thuringian vassal families, which have shaped the history of Mansfield. The published works of Johann Gottfried Zeidler describes well the history of this generation.

in. Krohne: General German nobility Glossary


The by Johann Wilhelm Franz Baron Krohne, (* 13. More 1738 in Heidelberg; † 2. August 1787 in Berlin, Royal Polish real go. Council and the Duke of Saxe-Hildburghausischer duly authorized minister of Lower Saxony in circles) 1774 and 1776 in the two parts of the first volume

Database Project: The Naumburg Bürgerbuch (1342 – 1853)

Naumburger Bürgerbuch Register A

In addition to the church records are public books are an important source for genealogical research. The books were mostly citizens created before the beginning of the church records and recorded the images of a city civil. There were persons included in this book, which had acquired the citizenship.