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The geographer Anton Friedrich Büsching

Bildniss Anton Friedrich Büsching

Anton Friedrich Büsching * 27. September 1724 in Hagen, Schaumburg-Lippe; † 28. More 1793 in Berlin, was a German Protestant theologian and geographer. Essential addition to many geographical works he published genealogical works.

Historian and heraldry Philip William Gercken


Philip William was born on Gercken 05. January 1722 the son of the merchant Georg was born in Salzwedel Gercken. He initially attended the Latin School New Town, Then he finished his schooling at the Old Latin School under headmaster plaice. He then attended high school in Lüneburg. In Hall (1741) He studied law and history. Back in the Altmark, he occupied himself between 1754 and 1760 with the publication of the known Fragmenta Marchica, in which 6 Parts appeared. 1760 He bought the castle in Salzwedel, wo er viele Jahre als  [...]