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News about the sex Ungern-Sternberg family trees


The Ungern already occur in the middle of the 13. Century as vassals of the Archbishop of Riga, first documented in Semigallians on. We'll soon find out numerous and wealthy in the archbishopric of Riga, and the pin Dorpat. Before 1316 are already 18 Mentioned time members of sex de Ungaria in documents. As to the question about the origin of the name, stands out as a definitive answer, probably there is a relationship between a country or city name.

Pedigrees and coats of arms of the family council of Stralsund


Stammtafeln Stralsund Council Family First Part: Travelodge Munden, of Semlow, of Dorpen, Papenhagen, Rode, Rahden, Gyldenhusen, from the lip, Brunswig, Unna, Wreenen, Pot maker, Buren, Kedingen, Bischopp, Alen, Zutphen, Nyben, Swertingen, Kriidener, Rodehosen (Rudinghusen) Schulow, Roach, Zanseburen, Goldevitzen, Drulleshagen, Schwarten, of religious, Brandenburg, of Hudessem, Beren, Stenwegen, Harteger, Hagedorn, of Vlothen, Gerold, Darnen, Manegold, Perleberg

Online literature selection: to the noble family von Arnim


Gustav von Arnim Criewen: Contributions to the history of the race's Arnim'schen, I. Part, Berlin 1883, New edition, edited by Jochen v. Arnim a.d.H. Mürow, Osnabrück 1958 Family history “The sex von Arnim”

History of sex of the warrior with some illustrations and pedigrees


The sex of the warrior's gender to the story this is, has by his age, his ancestry, secured its historical significance acquired by land and by its wide use in and outside of Germany.

Genealogy & Jg heraldik. 1949: Zeitschrift für und Familiengeschichtsforschung Wappenwesen


Genealogy & Heraldry, Jg. 1949 Extract from the content: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and his ancestors for genealogy data of the curator of the University of Tartu, Friedrich Maximilian Klinger Müller Neumark in earlier centuries Hermann Mitgau: The Clausthal Kemna