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August Wilhelm Bernhardt Uechtritz: Diplomatic News adeliche families concerning


Diplomatic News noble families , Contents: Bd. 1 : in. Amelunxen, in. Anckelmann, in. Beulwitz, in. Gersdorff, in. Krohne, in. Uechtritz, in. Zezschwitz, in. Vittinghoff Bd. 2 : in. Berlepsch, in. width belly , in. Bunau , in. Dürfeld, in. Geusau, in. Loeben, in. Poellnitz , in. Rothe, in. Wilcke, in. Pfuhl Bd. 3 : in. Brandenstein, in. Braxein , in. Burgdorff, in. Dersinhau, in. Einsiedel, in. Hohenthal, in. Kiesewetter, in. Salza u . Lichfield, in. Schoenberg, in. Zanthier , in. Ziegler u. Klipphausen Bd. 4 : in. Brandenstein, in. Carlowitz, in. Dallwitz ,  [...]

The Livonian at other universities in the past centuries


The Livonian on foreign universities Matrikelauszüge These are only a fragment, because it only 9 universities and not all include , have where Livonians studied in past centuries . But there can be but at least in part many important conclusions .

Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland


Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland For many years was the Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland ( HBLS ) the most important reference work on the history of Switzerland , with many biographical articles .

optimism of the year


The following are the words of Catharina Elisabeth Goethe , geborene Textor (1731-1808) the mother of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe : “ nehme Man 12 Months, they brush clean of envy , bitterness , Geiz , pedantry and they break it down into 30 or 31 Parts, so the stock for a year, use . Each day is done separately from 1 part and work 2 parts cheerfulness and humor . Füge Man 3 Add heaping tablespoon optimism , 1 Teelöffel Toleranz, 1 grain of irony and 1 Taking Takt . Then the composition with a lot of[...]

Merry Christmas and a healthy start to the New Year!


A year full of activities you will be rewarded by a loyal reader of my page to the end. Thanks for that! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas with family and friends and a great start to a Happy New Year!