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The construction- and monuments of Thuringia

The construction- und Kunstdenkmäler Thüringens Prof. Dr. P. Lehfeldt: Construction- and monuments of Thuringia: Bd. IV. Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen: District Saalfeld (District Court Districts Saalfeld, Kranichfeld, Camburg, Grafenthal and Possneck) Jena, Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1892 Prof.. Dr. P. Lehfeldt: Construction- and monuments of Thuringia: Bd. III. Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen: Circle Sonnenberg (District Court Districts Sonnenberg, Steinach and Schalka) Jena, Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1899Like […]


Working Group genealogy Osnabrück e. In. (Club News)

Tip for genealogists! The “Working Group genealogy Osnabrück” was established in February 1993 founded. He emerged from a course at the community college Osnabrück. The entry in the register in July 1996. The working group, which is recognized as a charitable, the following objectives: The association wants the investigation of persons, Families, Gender and social strata in the […]


Working Group on Family Research of the Emsland countryside

A tip for genealogists! The Working Group is the publisher of the quarterly magazine "Emsländische Bentheim and genealogy" (EBF). It makes for genealogists in the region, the "organ" for the exchange of views- and exchange of information and contains many important contributions on research projects and methods. To publish more extensive source editions, the series is "Contributions to the Emsland and Bentheim genealogy"; the […]


The Liesegang family and their descent from Charlemagne

Finally it is possible to get insight into the most church records, as final confirmation of years of research on my family. Will and Testament, a family chronicle, countless Lehnbriefe, the copy of the Hayner book with the history of the town was destroyed in Fleglerkrieg Bettlershayn (Sign. A 19k I, No.. 615) and Acts of the Hayner mayor (u.a. Liesegang) from centuries, lieferten […]


Story of the Peace of Westphalia to the accession of Frederick the Great

It was the 24. October 1648, was announced as in the old Episcopal city of Munster, after thirty years of war in time of peace two large solemnly signed certificates. Peace of Westphalia as the entirety between the 15. May and 24. October 1648 called closed in Münster and Osnabrück peace treaties, die den Dreißigjährigen Krieg in Deutschland und […]


Many new and interesting publications in digital form

There are times, because you will not find a useful book in digital form, that we could be helpful in research. And then it does, the sky and on the net you will find wonderful family chronicles, Pedigrees, Genealogies…. I must confess, dass ich nicht mit jedem Namen etwas anfangen kann und dementsprechend kein Verweis zu finden […]


Benno of Studnitz: Brief outline of the family history of those Studnitz

The original story is from the family of Otto Studnitz (in the pedigree under no. 122) been born with a lot of diligence together. In the Prussian Adelslexikon the sex of Studnitz is described as follows: This old, still flourishing in Silesia noble family comes from Moravia, where his headquarters Bistrita, came to the Zierotins and Würben later. […]


The sex of Veltheim: The common number of the division of the lines

Genealogy, in which takes place the separation of the lines,: Ritter Ludolf VI. (Son of Henry II) Lord of Gifhorn, Ummendorf and Hötensleben, Lien on Mr. Borsfelde, Königslutter, Schoningen, Bartensleben etc. died 1405 childless. Ritter Hans (Son of Henry II) Founder of the white line, Lord of Gifhorn, Ummendorf and Hötensleben, with properties in Helmstedt and Braunschweig, 1388 in […]

Pedigrees and coats of arms of the family council of Stralsund

Stammtafeln Stralsund Council Family First Part: Travelodge Munden, of Semlow, of Dorpen, Papenhagen, Rode, Rahden, Gyldenhusen, from the lip, Brunswig, Unna, Wreenen, Pot maker, Buren, Kedingen, Bischopp, Alen, Zutphen, Nyben, Swertingen, Kriidener, Rodehosen (Rudinghusen) Schulow, Roach, Zanseburen, Goldevitzen, Drulleshagen, Schwarten, of religious, Brandenburg, of Hudessem, Beren, Stenwegen, Harteger, Hagedorn, of Vlothen, Gerold, Darnen, […]