From the Life of Princess Amalie Auguste

The present duchy of Nassau, was split into two principalities beginning of this century, once the princely branch of Nassau-Usingen and secondly, the royal line of Nassau-Weilburg. The line with the Emperor Adolph of Nassau-Usingen (+1298) among their ancestors, in the male line died out with the first Duke Friedrich August of Nassau, give. at the 23.4.1738 + 24.3.1816.

Frederick Augustus is described as an upright character with knightly virtues. In his youth he had served under the Imperial Royal Austrian cavalry, the 7-year war and participated later in the Turkish Wars. For this we gave him the Knight's Cross of Maria Theresa. Male offspring were denied him, because two sons of that prince died soon after birth.

Of his children with wife Louise, a born Princess of Waldeck, remained his five daughters. The oldest, Princess Louise Christiane married the Margrave Friedrich of Baden, the second, Princess Caroline was married to the Prince of Anhalt-and the two youngest daughters remained unmarried.

The mean of the royal sisters, Princess Amalie Auguste, Born on 30.12.1778 Castle in the town and to Usingen their life, it goes here. At the 10.6.1803 they solemnly held at the side of their parents moving into the country and Nassau in the residence of Biebrich.

Her father had promised to the Prince of Hesse-Homburg and Auguste Amalie dared not object to this decision, she was too docile to rebel in order to contest. But she did not return his love. Another man was a friend of her soul, the ideal of all their dreams. As requested, she married on 2.8.1804 Ludwig of Hesse-Homburg, Born on 29.8.1770, died on 29.1.1839.

But in her heart she wore mourning and the connection was destined from the start no luck. Soon after, (1805) the marriage was divorced. Finally, on 7.9.1807 fulfilled her great happiness and she married her great love Friedrich Wilhelm von Bismarck, Born on 28.7.1783, died on 18.7.1860. This exciting biography and history of an immortal love, you can download here.

Descendants of Friedrich August von Nassau-Usingen

Christiane Luise * 16. August 1776 in Biebrich; † 19. February 1829 in Karlsruhe, † et verhei am 29. November 1791 with Margrave Friedrich of Baden * 29. August 1756; † 28. More 1817, Son of Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden

Karoline Friederike * 30. August 1777 Usingen; † 28. August 1821 in Hochheim am Main, † et verhei am 9. February 1792 with Christian August of Anhalt-Köthen * 18. November 1769; † 5. More 1812

Amalie Auguste * 30. December 1778 Usingen; † 16. July 1846 in Wildbad, first marriage on 2. August 1804 with Ludwig of Hesse-Homburg * 29. August 1770; † 29. January 1839, divorced 1805, married in 2. Before the 7. September 1807 with Friedrich Wilhelm von Bismarck * 28. July 1783; † 18. July 1860

Friedrich Wilhelm * 30. July 1780 in Biebrich; † 18. August 1780 ebd.

Lousie Maria * 18. July 1782 Usingen; † 27. June 1812 in Biebrich

Friederike Victoria * 21. February 1784 Usingen; † 18. July 1822

Friedrich Karl (* 17. June 1787 Usingen; † 29. September 1787 in Frankfurt am Main)


From the Life of a German princess, Maria von Dalberg Feodora, give. Baroness von Mülmann, Karlsruhe 1847, Publisher Nöldeke

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