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Antiquitates Gandersheimenses: Or Historical Description Of Uhralten kayser Lichen freemen worldly empire-Stifft Gandersheim

It was the Duke of Saxony Liudolf (+849) (Eponym of Liudolfings) in the 852 founded the monastery Gandersheim. The city experienced a golden age under the Liudolfingern in 10. Century. Roswitha of Gandersheim lived about that time….


Johann Georg Leuckfeld: Antiquitates Gandersheimenses….

Historical or description of uhralten kayserl. freemen secular imperial Stifft Gandersheim / Wherein from his old country-area … both belonged to churches / Capellen / monasteries, and especially: Bruns booms / Cluss / and S. Assumption, Abbess … [you. s. w] is listed in detail. Wolffenbüttel : Freytag, 1709 (Download)