Amalie von Gallitzin – A life between scandal and legend

She was a scandal in her lifetime and was a legend, that they hardly spouse found their last resting place in the village cemetery of Angelmodde – the beautiful Princess Amalie von Gallitzin, Born Countess Schmettau from Berlin.

During her lifetime she was on everyone's lips – if all those with thin top layer of Birth- and nobility of mind in the small states of Germany- 18. Century, says. Was a scandalous aristocrat, their children's self-educated son and daughter, and even in the same subjects taught, with their sports driving and taught them how to swim.

It was scandalous for an aristocrat, inquisitive and clever to be, so that politicians, Philosophers and scientists, they chose to interview partner. Amalie Gallitzin realized the reconnaissance word of self-determination and freedom of conscience and broke so the conventions between Holland and Holstein and in the Bishopric of Münster, where she spent her second half of life. The gossip behind their hands, they did not…

Her father, Samuel Earl of Schmettau (1684-1751) married after the death of his first wife Marie Charlotte von Boyen 1739 Marie Jeanne Rüffer of Bohemian nobility, who bore him six children, survived three of which, including Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Schmettau (1743–1806), which was an important mapmaker and, the latter Princess Amalie of Gallitzin (1748–1806). From the first marriage he had two children. The genealogies can as always be found in the database…


1748: At the 28. August will Amalie Schmettau born in Berlin. Her godparents were Princess Amalie, Prince Henry, Prinz Ferdinand.
1753: Amalie is brought to the Ursuline Sisters to Wroclaw
1766: Amalie is engaged to Baron von Gersdorff to Rettkau. The engagement will be for a few months rückgängi made because of excessive debt of the bridegroom
1768: As maid of honor she accompanied the princesses into the bathroom to Aachen, where he met the Russian Prince Dimitri Gallitzin Alekseevich, the Empress Catherine the Great was recalled from his diplomatic post in Paris. Gallitzin Komtess Schmettau makes a marriage proposal
1769: Catherine the Great Prince Gallitzin appoints minister to The Hague. Daughter Marianne is on 7. Born December in Berlin and called Mimi
1770: In March, presented his credentials to Prince Gallitzin the hereditary stadtholder William of Orange
1775: Amalie learns the philosopher and state officials Frans Hemsterhuis (1721-1790) know and study Plato
1778: Amelia wants to move to Switzerland, the future home (for one year) will lock Lavigny in Vaud
1780: Amalie buys a house in the Green Lane and later rented a farm in Angelmodde
1781: Amalie travel with Fürstenberg and the children to Göttingen and attended lectures on medieval imperial history
1782: Amalie does in Holland honors for her husband, must accompany the Russian Grand Duke on state visit.
1786: Amelia goes to her Geurtstag for the first time after many years to confession, later to Communion
1791: Friedrich Leopold Count Stolberg and Countess Sophie Amalie visit in Munster
1792: In December Goethe comes back, and is a guest in the Green Lane
1793: Amalie travel to Holstein and is a guest at Stolberg in Eutin and Julia Reventlow on Emkendorf
1794 Mitri gets a call-up from St. Petersburg. Father and mother discuss the implications. Mitri stays with his parishioners in Pennsylvania
1797: Napoleonic campaigns and peace treaties shake the world
1802: The Prussians are coming. The War- and domain chamber with Mr. Reich of stone through the secularization
1806: Amalie died on 27.4. and as she had wished, in Angelmodde beerdigt
1810: Franz Freiherr von Fürstenberg dies


Köhler Mathilde: Amalie von Gallitzin – A life between scandal and legend, Paderborn, Munich, Vienna, Zurich: Ferdinand Schöningh 1995 (Download from the DFG Special Collection)

Other literature:

Katerkamp, Theodore: Memoirs of the life of the Princess Amalia of Gallitzin natives Countess Schmettau : With special reference to their nearest connections: Hemsterhuys, Furstenberg, Overberg and Stolberg ; With portraits of Princess, Fürstenberg and Overberg, Year 1839 (BSB Munich)

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