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The descendants of the Chancellor, Dr. Gregory of bridge

About the family of Dr. Gregory of bridge we infer from the German nobility Glossary of Kneschke in Volume II page 95 The following notes: The bridge is a family-Saxon nobility, the ancestor of the famous, Emperor Charles V. is raised to the peerage Chancellor Gregor Brück of. Apart from the nobility, he had the goods Niemegk, Borstendorf, Gräfenheinichen Mädersdorf and brought to the tribe, and by two sons (Gregor and Christian) continuing.

Gregory had married Ottilie von Schlieben made by Borge Havelland and still left a young son named Joachim, Lord of Niemegk and Seegrehna near Wittenberg, who had made his marriage with a son of the same Hippolytha von Ziegesar. From this came from Adam, Christoph von Brück. Whose two sons, Joachim Friedrich and Friedrich Wolf founded the lines and Niemegk Seegrehna.

Frederick died Jochaim 1681, left out of his marriage to Elizabeth of Davier two sons, Adam Friedrich and Karl Henry to Niemegk, after the genealogies of Gauhe 1721 were still without inheriting.

Friedrich Wolf comes six sons, of which George Frideric (+1744) Lord of Seegrehna, the stem propagated. In the second half of the 17. Siegmund century Adolph brought by the estate Haubitz bridge at Grimsby in his family and 1699 It was his son, Hans Adolph. Mitbelehnt time were Charles Henry and Adam Frederick, Wolf and Frederick. For the new line of howitzers were Hans Adolph Adolph and Siegmund.

The root bridge of the family has flourished until very recently, and several members have military- and civilian services stood. More 1841 Otto Ferdinand was captain of bridging the 2. Royal Saxon Linieninfanterie.Regiment.

The wives of the late theologian Richard Rothe of Heidelberg, Leonhard Heubner was in Wittenberg and August Hahn was born in Breslau “in. Bridging” and are members of this family. Today's sex flourishes only in the sons of the pastor Kurt von Brück in Dresden. The complete line of ancestors can be found in the database.

The relatives in Posen:

The historical research indicates, that the chur-Saxon chancellor had relatives in Posen – The family Tiltz. Two brothers, Johann Kaspar and Tiltz have been about 1520 detectable in Poznan. Kaspar had two daughters, Veronica and Elizabeth; former married Peter Zingk. It died early, leaving his wife and daughters in rather poor conditions. The latter married the wealthy and prestigious Peter Politek. As a good brother, he supported his poor relatives as well as he could, until he 1536 lost by a terrible conflagration almost all his possessions.

After the death of his wife Elizabeth was the daughter of the Poznań Politek citizen married Jacob basket. His son George from this second marriage, was in 1558 enrolled in Leipzig. He probably came here from Jena, where he lived in the house of his relatives.

The coat of arms description:

In three superimposed silver jumping horses (is not specified as well as three marshmallows)

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