Genealogical research made easy: What Denmark and Norway to offer in its archives

The primary role of the State Archives is, to collect historical sources, retain and make available to the public. Some archives allow already in an exemplary manner, a Online Genealogy.

Danish State Archives:

(State Archives home)

In Denmark, the church records and other records of the National Church transferred to the provincial archives. So you do not direct your questions to the local pastor. In 1646 it was ordered every priest in the Kingdom of Denmark, all baptisms, Engagement, Marriages and burials recorded in a book. Unfortunately, not all church records since 17. Century kept. The oldest parish register dates from the year 1573 back and comes from the parish Hjortkær (Jordkirch) North Schleswig. The church records were in the Duchy of Schleswig out differently than the rest of Denmark. Available on the Internet, the traditional church records to 1925. The census register of 1787 to 1930 are available online at. The use of is free as well as registering as a user.

National Archives of Norway:

The headquarters in Oslo and the regional state archives of Norway, ( Hamar, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø, Kristiansand, Kongsberg) together form the National Archives of Norway. The topic of genealogy is the largest user base in Norway. The National Archives has the largest collection of medieval letters about 13.000 Documents. It can easily be searched multiple databases, denn es gibt ein vollständiges Recherche-System. Regesta norvegica, Diplomatarium Norvegicum, Cadastral, Records of witch trials, Lexikographie etc..

The same applies to “Digitised parish registers, Census, Emigration, Basic Books, or tax records”. This search is made easy through a Database-mask.

Famous Digital Collections:

William Lassen personal history collection includes 84 Volumes of closely written notes. The information comes in part from archival studies and partly from the newspapers (our allem Morgenbladet). The volumes are arranged alphabetically by family name. Be has so many handwritten Norwegian pedigrees, other genealogical records and biographies, etc. leave.

The French Charles Antoine Genealoge Delgobe was in the Chateau-Thierry years 1844 born. When it came to Norway Delgobe, He immediately plunged into the study of the Norwegian language, History and Topography. After the year 1872 Mary had married Lovisa Nicolette floor, Genealogy was his greatest area of ​​interest. Delgobes collection includes 5400 Families and thus one of the most important genealogical collection is ever.

Digitized Books:

On the subject of genealogy, there are plenty of ammunition: Whether theologians over Norway, Biographical works, Address Books, Country- and Local History, or register of fishing and seafaring, Prisoner, The fallen 2. World War II, Cadastral and municipal records (Weblink)

Also genealogical manuscripts have been digitized: (Original language)

Grisefamiliens Stamtavle (Griswold Family Tree)
Pedigree of family Daae in Norway (Pedigree of the family Daae in Norway)
Eight families in Norwegen, Alf Otto von
Pedigrees of the family Utheim, by J. Utheim
Pedigree of the family Wöldike, of J.C.L. Lengnick
Meltzer notes to the family in Norway, by Eberhard Clamer Meltzer
The Busch family repression and related lines 1665-1890, by Fred T. Salicath
Genealogical Notes on the family Heiberg, Hans K. Heiberg
The family Thomle (Genealogical and Personal History) of E.A. Thomle
The family Munthe, by Hartvig Munthe

Lars Ove Steen Wang has a Website put on the web, I would especially recommend the. In the last four years he has collected many a treasure, partly self-scanned, and financed by own resources. Below is a small selection, some even searchable digitized.

Pedigree of the family Dorph
Genealogy of the family anchor of C. J. Anchor
About the Brochmann family in Norway, of H. J. Huitfeldt-Cheese
Genealogy of the family Backer, of Z. Backer
Pedigree of the family Bergwitz, by John K. Bergwitz
Ancestors of terminal
The Holst family, von Thomas Holst
The Munster family, Output 1858
The family of Koss, Oslo 1938
The family Zernichow in Norway (Czernichów) of H. J. Huitfeldt, Copenhagen 1882
Familienregister Thaulow (Thaulowske)
Ancestors of Stork
The Danish-Norwegian noble family Huitfeldt

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