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The noble family of Prittwitz


The legend begins not taking into account the truly authentic story of the noble family of Prittwitz with the beginning of 14. Century. The oldest document is dated 1308. Was after Sinapius 1316 a Heigerus de Pretticz miles in Herzo Boleslaw III. Liegnitz and this should be Heigerus later found to have the court of Duke Conrad of Oels. A Heigerus de Prittwicz was 1326 his granddaughter, Elizabeth appointed guardian. The father of the granddaughter, Ingram Trachenberg has been married to a daughter of the late early Heigerus. The latter was one of the Heinrich von Biberstein 3. Prausnitz and accepted part of the city inherited this share to his son Ingram Trachenberg.

The news from the 15. Century already contained more facts. Called by a scion of this family it, he can put together a sort of biography. Further details are not recorded. So it is only, that a Henczil Pritwitz, Gaffron one of Pretewicz and Lorenz Priczewitz in the wake of the Duke Conrad of White, Maria Magdalena am Donnerstag vor years 1414 gene had come Marienburg.

Are much more numerous and full of the news about the gender of the Prittwitz'sche 16. Century. In a raid in 1508 Glogauer merchants were three horses, a fur coat and a gun taken. After the confession of a servant, this happened at Albrecht Prytwitz Herzig in the woods.

The Hans Hoyer of Prittwitz was married to a Barbara Czirn of leaving his son Ernst. This son was married to one of Falkirk and of a shingle. Ernst left the two sons, Hans and Ernst. Around the year 1576 , the older brother Hans's ownership claims to the sovereignty Laskowitz to his younger brother Ernest to a severance payment of 8000 Hungarian florins and assigned in 1583 sind beide Brüder in einer Grenzangelegenheit mit Polen die Bevollmächtigten des Herzogs Georg von Brieg gewesen. The annual 1557 shows in this palace Laskowitz(and) The inscription on the chapel door: “Johannes a Prittwic opus hoc fecit anno MDLVII.” If a dispute had wounded a Daniel Hans von Frankenberg fatal. The same has been involved with his brother Henry of Oppersdorf into a process, because the latter do not recognize the Lehnsqualität of Laskowitz wanted. The younger brother Ernst had 1567 the whole estate Laskowitz taken. He was twice married: 1. Magdalena of Dyhrn-Schönau 2. by Juliane von Sommerfeldt. He died in May 1604…


Robert Prittwitz: The v. Prittwitz'sche nobility. Verlag Wilhelm Gottl. Korn, Breslau 1870 (Download) Genealogies of sex can be found in the database.

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