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History of the baronial and ducal dynasty of Krassow

The family of one of the older nobility Krassow of the Principality of Rügen and is already 1294 in the register of the Roskilde bishop mentioned. During the 15. Century was divided into three main lines of the sex. The founder of the first and most purchasers of Dambahn was Claus von Krassow. This line was extinguished, however, in the year 1565 Hans von Krassow. After the termination of this line, the dukes of Pomerania, the proposed goods as completed back to their board materials, But compared 1577 by Henry James, Melchior, Christoph and Joachim, Members of the Schweikwitzer line.

As the progenitor of the line Schweikwitzer Elzow, in his noble mirror of Henry Krassow 1432 an, however, documented the first son of the same Tonnies (Anthony) 1462 proved to be. His Nachommen had the goods and Schweikwitz Saalkow, with which Duke Bogislav 1507 the son of Tonnies enfeoffed. The progenitor of the line was Hans Panse Witzer. From his great-grandchildren, leaving three sons, Henry, Daniel, Anton and Hans. Anton's son died without heirs, and thus is the ancestor of Hans Panse Witzer line become. Of his descendants was the seriousness of Carl XII Detloff. elevated to the peerage, he was subsequently granted coat of arms (see Figure)


Adam Philipp come the now living members of the family of Krassow, which comes from Friedrich Heinrich, who was the King of Prussia elevated to the rank of count. Ownership of the baronial line consisted of the goods rumen joke, Hedwigshof, Justin, Desert, Erdmann Hagen, Bagnitz, etc.. The Count's line had Diwitz, Frauendorf, Spoldershagen, Wabbelkow etc.



Bohlen, By Julius: History of the nobles, baronial and ducal dynasty of Krassow, Band 1 and Band 2, Berlin: Schneider 1853 (Please do not use too high expectations – the quality of the digital part is horrible!!)

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