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The noble Drigalski

Wappenfamilie Slepowron

The Drigalskis are an extremely exemplary family. They have their traditions. After that they come from the old country or the Jadzwinger Jatwäger, aus Podlachien, a strain, the well-Lithuanian nationality was, partially to 1435 State of the Order, then belonged to Lithuania and only 1569 was combined with the crown of Poland.

The family is descended from the Prince de Corvino Gutowski in Russia. The last beaten by the Swedes, then buried alive and is hiding in Poland with his wife in the Krakow Province. His two sons went to Prussia, one retains the old? Name Gutowski, the other holds 1505 Drygallen and his descendants were called Drigalski.

What is truth and fiction here, the tradition with the two brothers is quite old. In the index there is something else Quassowski explained: There was a Martin Drigal, This was the first grower in Drigallen (Pisanski, Collectan i.Mas. VIII. S. 63) Adel Nach Tb 1930 S. 180 bought from Martin Gutowski Guty in Mazovia 1505 Wiersbinnen, Schlaga Drigallen in circles and Elk, after his son called Paul Drigalski. (Those: Quassowski; D 250)

They belong to the crest stem Slepowron. The nobleman Martin Gutowski earned Drygallen, the 1436 Marcin was prescribed a Drygall, after it was called, and now named after his new possession Drigalski. He had three sons (his first wife was named Agneta Kamienka) one of them, The nobleman Andreas, Guttenberg was on and kept the name Gutowski.

Paul was the second son of a pastor in Drygallen 1546 to 1596. He was married and had a Gregorszweska again 3 Sons, Martinus, who succeeded him in office in Drygallen, Andreas, of services in Polish, was shot and Paul, who had studied abroad a lot, especially in Prague and at the Jesuit 1625 came to the rectory after Kutten, where he 1653 died.

He was the husband of daughter of Emanuel Rembowius. Emanuel Rembowius was pastor in Sensburg and died about 1602. Are from this marriage 4 Sons known, So they are the grandchildren and great-grandson of Emanuel Rembowius Albert Rambovius, Pastor in Sehesten (1530-1590) which I have already written elsewhere.

The sex Drigalski appear until the beginning of 18. Century Drygallen, later the more respectable members of this family possessions acquired in a circle Lötzen, Angerburg, Elk, Johannesburg and in Lithuania.

The family of the Prussian nobility in the form of its recognition and renewal was the 18.2.1755 King Frederick II. issued in Berlin, together with the descendants of Alexander Drigalski of his grandfather, Bernard and his brother John. From this generation emerged a number of shoots, in which royal. Prussian military – and civilian services and were served with distinction. The ranking of the royal. Prussian army 1806 leads 13 Officers of that name on.

Famous namesakes were:

Erich Dagobert Drigalski (*9.2.1865-10.1.1949) Geophysicist and polar researcher
William of Drigalski (*21.6.1871-12.5.1950) German bacteriologist and married the writer Elizabeth Dill (18.3.1877-1962)

The genealogies of Drigalski Rembowski and can be found in the database. Unfortunately for me there is still some “dead spots”, Therefore, I would be grateful for any other additional information.


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