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The alchemists of Austrian nobility documents

In Germany, the alchemy was the beginning of the XIII. Century their catchment. The development was more important than, say, the pharmacy sector (The first pharmacy was established in Prague by emigrants from years 1408 errrichtet in Leipzig)

In Austria the first alchemical doings coincided with the reign of Sigismund and the transfer of the imperial crown to his son Albert II.

At that time belonged to the famous alchemist Faust, Agrippa, Paracelsus, Libavius, Trevisanus, Berthold the Black or (Bertholdus Niger)

Also, Barbara of Celje, empress of Bohemia was devoted to the occult sciences, of alchemy and astrology. Barbara was the second wife of Emperor Sigismund (+ 9.12.1437)


1437-1519 Kaiser Maximilian I Sigismund BIS.
1519-1576 Charles V. Maximilian II bis.
1576-1612 Rudolf II.
1612-1705 Mathias bis Leopold I.
1705-1790 Josef I. by Joseph II.

The crest of the alchemists letters
Medals alchemical origin
The genealogy of the Empress Barbara


Bauer, Alexander: The alchemists of Austrian nobility documents and pictures of some alchemical origin Medals : with 2 Zinkotypien and 5 Collotype plates, Vienna: Hölder 1893

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