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Albert of Rambow (Rambovius, Rambau, Rembovius, later called Rembowski) became a pastor for Seehesten (Ksp in the district Gumbinnen) called and died there after 36 Years, his successor = James Kaplan Schulzki of Rastenburg.

Albert, * at 1530 + 18.11.1590, married after 1553 Catharine, as “Stranger” is known in the country, without relatives. It is followed by six years of study, at the Albertina. During his studies he attended a Hoppener Anna on the Löbenicht. It has often been written, He came from the “Envy TPF”, what can not be confirmed, his name appears nowhere on there. Maybe he was there temporarily and was seen as Neidenburger?

I'll bring him right now in conjunction with the branch of the family Sedliner Rembow. A “N” (probably Nicolaus, because that makes sense) receives from Rembow 1543 and 1551 Bishop Paul Speratus of Pomesania, with the seat of government in Marienwerder, The noble estate (Episcopal Tischgut) 1543 waste. Sedlienen (Czadil) south Marienwerder (see below)

Herb Rembowski

Albert had 6 Years of study, broke out of 1553/54 his studies. When Johann Wigand, the second successor of Speratus, one of his great visitations through the diocese was, He was 1583 in Seehesten. If it is now in Visitationsrezeß, Albert would “on behalf F.D. called to Prussia anhero”, does not say about the, the Duke had himself vociert, but corresponds only to the provision of church order for the renewal of a parish, has not a private patron, but ducal patronage is. More important is, that is also said, Mr. John has ordained that the young Albert Aurifaber.

The bishop's chair in Marienwerder was long after the death of free Speratus. We considered, at all to change the administration of the dioceses. In this context it can be seen, If now a consistorial constitution was introduced. Aurifaber was president of the consistory Samland and as such probably also responsible for the break located Pomesania. He was advised, To ordain Albert. When this happened, is difficult to determine exactly.

Aurifaber Breslau and was a brother of the Duke's personal physician. Albert certainly was among the first young minister, President of the ordained. In May 1567 He is solemnly recognized. ” repetito corpora doctrinal”. There were at least 86 Theologians, Bishops, Professors, Superintendent, Minister, Chaplains, who came together on this day. (Wernicke, Circle Marienwerder, Special publication of the Association for FF in East-u. West Prussia, No.. 42 S. 161 u.f., Mass, S.3, and in no. 33, S. 23) Albert was temporarily in order 1550 resettled with relatives on Good Sedlinen Marienwerder It would be possible, that Albert was a brother of Nicholas of Rembow.

stammtafel-bistramOne thing is, dass Speratus, the already 1551 dies, Albert knows very well, because the two come together more often. What does the “N”? It almost can not be otherwise, as it stands for Nicholas. It is said that George of the estate Rembow-Szadlinsky Sedlinen ( Czadil ) in 1572 takes over from his father (see APG S. 83) and at 24.1.1619 there died. (Epitaph in the cathedral Marienwerder) and it is further: Nicholas receives 1543 and 1551 Bishop Paul Speratus of Pomesania, with the seat of government in Marienwerder, The noble estate (Episcopal Tischgut) 1543 waste. Sedlienen (Szadil) south Marienwerder with 30 Hooves - 509,40 has , 30 kulmische each morning 0,56 has.

Lt. Church visitation report 1543 pay Rospitzer 14 Mark Martinizins( Utilization rate) Well located for the desolate (Wernicke, Circle Marienwerder, Special letters of the Association for FF in East u. West Prussia, No.. 42 S. 161 u.f., Mass, S.3, and in no. 33, S. 23) Nicholas was married to a Dorothea of ​​Zehmen. Interesting here is the daughter of Ursula, The judge in the country Dirschau Fabian II. Bistram of married and also at any other time, there is a matrimonial alliance and Rembowski Bistram, shown as the last genealogy proves (Page 509 Genealogical Handbook of the Baltic knights, Part 3: Kurland)

wappen-rembowskiThe Estate is to be reported under Sedlinen Pommesanischem Urkundenbuch: In the document of the year 1383 Leistenau is listed among the witnesses of the Mathis Zadil; he is come already in a deed of 1379 before. Zadil = Sedlinen and among these is well understood Leistenau. Duke Albrecht issued by the Free Ziganen = Sedlinen a new hand-over celebrations 80 Hooves to Magdeburg rights of both children. This happened on 21.3.1539. At the 17.2.1550 Duke Albrecht gave the Felix Zasin (Tzaschen, Czasen, Czasin, Czaschin, Ziganen, Zigahnen, Czyan, Cziganen) Fixed a hand over the goods Zedelen = Sedlinen (Dietmar earlier village) of 13 Hooves to Lehnrechten. In 1558 Duke Albrecht issued a new prescription, over Sedlinen of 20 Hooves to feudal law, together with boundary description. The deed book also tells of a daughter, Unfortunately, this is untraceable so far. Was the property well possible by marrying the daughter Rembow in the possession of those v. d. Groeben arrives? This Good Sedlinen had progressed through inheritance to Hans Georg von der Groeben and as this was the last vassals 1662 died, It was dropped as caduc to the rule. The bottom 29. November 1662 It has the Elector Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht of the Hofrichter Ostau to Magdeburg rights of both children and the courts large and small, Street food except, awarded.

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