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Family ties with the Rembow of Bistram, Glinski, Müllheim and Kunheim

Herb Slepowron

As a sister she is, if at all only Fabian I. considered, as he leads the suffix Zajaczkowski, as in the Family Tree Wallenrodtschen the Bible in Königsberg “with security” called sister of Zajaczkowski oo Nicol of Rembow is named.

Nicol called as a taxpayer in small-Tamer in Dirschau and as bailiff of New Town is not actually detected.

Dieses Paar sind die Großeltern des Christoph v. Bistram, after that of his son Gotthard 1620 before the knights and the Bank shall pedigree based on their printed genealogy of Reimbts 1768. In a document of King Sigismund v. From Poland 20.5.1620 and the certificates of 1593 and 1607 for the heirs of + Christopherus Bistramb.

It remains first and, who is probably the father of Michael v. Rembow has been (1740-1818) welcher drei Kinder aus 1. Luise Charlotte ehe put v. Reibnitz and had 2. Marriage was married to Sophia Wilhelmina v Barbara. Müllheim,

Sie wiederum in erster Ehe verheiratet 15.9.1756 mit Otto Ludwig von Kunheim (Kuenheim) from this marriage came the Prussian Major Wilhelm von Erhard Kunheim (1772-1849)


Let's go briefly back to Albert Rembovius

stammtafel-rembowAlbert left 5 Children, a daughter and four sons. Daughter Dorothea married Sigismund v. Glinski. (Es handelt sich offenbar wie bei Rembau/Rembow um eine ursprünglich adlige Familie, but not the emphasis placed, den Adel wieder aufzunehmen)

The spelling of the name varies in an unusual way: Glinca (Universitätsmatrikel 1548 – Paul Glinca, Polonus called) 1553 Andreas Glinzki Polonus. 1559 Ambrose Glinski, Borussus 1561. George Glinsky, Nobilis of Graudenz. The needle does not name the archive in King's Castle, the family. Der Vater und auch Sigismund haben wohl nicht in Königsburg studiert. Er hat im gleichen Jahr wie Albert Land verschrieben bekommen und zwar 6 Schulz hooves in the forest Montauschen, this he had to assist in the occupation of a new village to be superior. The village was first called “Popowen = Popendorf” But soon Pfaffendorf. Sigismund is expected for the period between 1535-1565 be seen as a pastor in Bialla (30 Years in office) Sigismund came to Arys, in the year, Founded as a village priest. From Arys he traveled to Königsberg, but a son is born at least in Arys. Von ca. 1573 He lived with his family in Mrągowo, probably because of its proximity to Seehesten. During the tribute in 1578 He is listed as Schulz Pfaffendorf, As with his son Sigismund II. in 1616 as birth, but at least is known as the home.

Wappen Bistram

Only Leonard II. +1649 ist Abt in Pelplin wie zuvor sein Onkel Leonardus I. dieser wird bezeichnet als “magnificus Generosus” (I want to tell about it separately at a later date) Grandson, Adrian called 1601 as “Secretary of the Royal; Diplomat” Leonhardus II. ist geboren alsTurski” in 1585

(Those: Annals of the History of Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe-Institute in Munich, Published: Munich, Isar Verlag, 1953- ; Wiesbaden : F. University Press, 1976, Wojciech Miaskovsky United legation to Turkey 1640 R. Wojciech von Miaskowski, Adam Przybos)

Emanuel's son is also a pastor in Sehesten, he died 1602 of plague. 1589 zieht Emmanuel in die Widdem, where he has lived a dozen years. It is certainly, that Emmanuel had at least one daughter. (Enrollment in the winter semester 1590)

He probably is not an easy job, because the priest changed frequently for various reasons. – Sigismund I Glinski. Johann Schenck was the mountain as a successor, of less than a decade by holding. He was succeeded by Christopher Pambius. (Er scheint schon nicht mehr jung gewesen zu sein, 1589 is spoken of as an old priest.) And he needs to go away because of domestic difficulties at the Rhine. Da ist er noch viele Jahre gewesen. About his life were Schatte, because his wife was suspected in a poisoning case. It was the mysterious death of a St. Andrew Ribetzki. Eine zweite Frau war in dieser Sache bereits wegen Zauberei belangt, But as is so: Mrs. Pambius was now a second poisoning attempt attached. It is certainly, that sort of thing, the work of the pastor Pambius significantly contaminated.



Albert II. (of) Rembowski wird 1612 worshiped as Schulz Seehesten , 1610 Albert was enrolled in Königsberg. 1616 werden die Söhne Stefan und Andreas bei der Universität eingetragen. Beyond these three young academics is so little known about how their fathers. But the family is still sitting in Seehesten or in the neighborhood. In an official statement for some 1665 a jack with an older hand-over celebrations held in the nearby White Castle mentioned. 1680 is re-enrolled in a St. Andrew's and at Seehesten 29.6.1697 Johann Heinrich, als dessen Heimatort ausdrücklich Seehesten genannt wird. Andreas dürfte als Sohn des Albert III. considered to be. About him it is only known, that he Secreatarius the king August II. von Polen war. Andreas hatte zwei Söhne, the firstborn was Johann Heinrich, The second son was named Johann Bernhard.



Johann Heinrich 1716-1742 Minister in Lower Zehren, not far from Marienwerder. heiratet Jungfrau Maria Charlotta, sehl. Johann Friedrich tubers, Wildnüßbereiter. Johann Heinrich wurde immatrikuliert in Königsberg 29.6.1697 a scholarship, was before 1712 Rector of the school and was the Archpriest Garnsee D. Pauli in Saalfeld/Ostpr. at the 29.10.1716 zum Pfarrer in Niederzehren ordiniert und im Dom 22 p.Trin. vom Erzpriester Werner aus Marienwerder dort introduziert lt. Altpreuß. home. Pfarrerbuch (Is given as to its origin in the registers: Rembowski, Joh. Heinrich, Seehesten, Prussia, dot) Daughter Mary Charlotte marries into the family Wendt. Her husband, Georg Matthias, Tenant farmer in Oschen and high Zehren.

Johann Bernhard married Eva Christina Walther on 15.2.1719, Tochter des Dr.. the rights in Breslau Schöpp chair Johann Anton Wilhelm, Ober-Rats-Secretarius. 1719 PhD at the University. Hall; Jurist. 1731 Appointed by the Imperial Majesty to the upper ex-lawyers and 1734 for country-lawyers. (Literature: Matriculation at the Martin Luther University,, Halle-Wittenberg, Fritz Juntke – 1960, Page 353)

Certainly we may assume, that Albert III. His grandfather was. We remember…zu jener Zeit immatrikulierten 1610 Albert III, 1616 There are Stefan and Andreas enter the university in the. All three are the sons of Albert II. to see. In an official statement about 1665 Rembowski mentioned a house with an older hand-over celebrations held in the nearby White Castle. 1680 Andreas again enrolled in Seehesten. This closes the circle of family, yes that was their starting Sedlinen. (Literature: Zedler; Bad 31, Page 282 and Old Prussian Genealogy, Leaves of the Association for Family Research in Eastern- and West Prussia, 29. Year, Band 12, Page 1-484)

Extract the sources for family Rembow, Rambau, Rembowski

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  15. Pedigrees, Unfortunately, sometimes illegible
  16. Coat descriptions Rambow, Rembow und Rembowski


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