The nobility of the Bohemian crown lands

The Kingdom of Bohemia was 6.774.309 Population (Stand 1910) By far the most important of the Habsburg Crown Land State. This summary from the hall books far more than 2ooo crest elevations of rank and letters and credentials have been the year 1530 listed.

The hall served as the basis of books about this complex work. The oldest Bohemian noble acts dating from the year 1580, Some information comes from the early Kopialbüchern the governor's office in Prague.

The countries of the Bohemian crown included Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia (All three now Czech Republic) and up 1635 then assigned to two axes Mark counties and other by-country. The Bohemian lands were formally linked in a personal union, the king of Bohemia was also Duke of Silesia and Margrave of Moravia. The other countries were incorporated in Bohemia and Titularansprüche

Austria-Hungary 1910:
Cisleithanien: 1. Bohemia, 2. Bukovina, 3. Carinthia, 4. Lands, 5. Dalmatia, 6. Galicia, 7. Coastal land, 8. Austria below the Enns, 9. Moravia, 10. Salzburg, 11. Silesia, 12. Styria, 13. Tyrol, 14. Austria above the Enns, 15. Vorarlberg; Transleithanien: 16. Hungary, 17. Croatia and Slavonia; 18. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Those: Wikipedia)


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  • Doerr also appeared in August of The Complete Works Genealogical source material on the history of the Austrian nobility 1927-1934


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