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The heir of the family in Lepsius 17. Century

The heir of the family Lepsius

Here, the number of Lepsiaten from the first known ancestor in the descending line

Georg Leps: White tanner in Trebbin in the center Mark, is first in 1697 mentioned in the parish register as Taufzeuge. He died on 7.5.1699, his wife on 24.8.1721.

Peter Leps, White tanner is also a leather- have operated and wool trade. He died on 20.6.1715. He was married to the daughter of Pastor Krause to Barnim, by whom he had eight children.

Peter Christoph Lepsius, Born on 30.3.1712, visited 1726 the Gymnasium in Berlin and studied law since 1733 in Hall. He received his doctorate at the 2.6.1740. Since 1752 it is called in Naumburg Domprobst. He was married in December 1741 Karoline Wilhelmine mit Erdmuthe, which at 19.4.1793 died. Of his children lived in the year, only a son.

Johann August Lepsius, Born on 19.4.1745 in Naumburg, had also opted for a degree in law, he was city magistrate to Naumburg, 1786 Magistrates and 1792 Lord Chamberlain and 1797 Mayor. Of his seven children survived him only three.

Carl Peter Lepsius, Born on 2.6.1775, also graduated in law at Jena and Leipzig. Since 23.7.1801 Member of the Masonic Lodge ArchiMedis, He was 1812 Finanzprokurator the Thuringian district, 1815 Direktor of Inquisitionsrats, soon after, he was Chief Executive of the Naumburg circle. Married Lepsius was with Friederike glasses, a daughter of the composer Ludwig Carl Traugott glasses. After her death he married the younger sister Julie. From a total of two marriages come 9 Children, including the famous Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius, Born on 23.12.1810 in Naumburg.


Carl Peter Lepsius: The heir of Lepsius family since the last decade of the seventeenth century, a memorandum, Naumburg: Sieling 1851

Pile of old books and old glasses

Directory and occasional writings on the history of noble families

Source of opportunity font:

Stargardt, J.A.: Directory and occasional writings on the history of noble families, Berlin: Rosenthal (u.a.) 1865-1880, Download: Band 1, Band 2, Band 3,


The Roman Cologne

Cologne in Roman times

with a plan of the Roman town, in which the most notable findings are drawn. (Festival program on behalf of the Association of antiquity friends in the Rhineland)


  • Caesar's battles with the Germans on the Rhine, 58 to 51 BC.
  • Agrippa`s Ubierstadt, 38 in. Chr. to 50 n. Chr.
  • Roman-Germanic war since Emperor Augustus
  • Colonia Claudia Augusta Agrippinenses
  • Applicable to the Emperor Vitellius in Cologne
  • Trajan, Gallienus, Upright, 98 to 282 n. Chr.
  • Kaiser Constantin
  • The Franke Silvanus collected and murdered in Cologne for the Emperor 355, Julian in Köln
  • Roman withdrawal from Cologne, Rule of the Franks. / X. Christianity in Cologne
  • Fund directory for the attached map Fund
  • Fund card Roman antiquities for Cologne Area


Karl von Veith: The Roman Cologne, Hard to program Winckelmann's birthday party, Bonn: Marcus, 1885


Mecklenburg nobility

Content in: Mecklenburg nobility

Adrom, Bobezien, Kahler, Daldorff, Driving Holtz, Gadow, Haack, Jahne or the Jahne, Kardorff, Lancken, Mandelsloh, Negendanck, Oertz, Passow, Quitzow, Raven, Chess, Tarnewitz, Vieregge, Wackerbart, Zernickow


Joachim von Pritzbuer u. Otto Christoph von Gamm: Mecklenburg nobility, 2. Edition, Neustrelitz: Gundlach, 1894


Genealogy and Heraldry bourgeois families Austria – Hungary

Directory name in Genealogy and Heraldry:

Abstorsky, Badl, Cejka, Daldos, Ebner, Fäckl, Galandauer, Haberl, Ides, Jackesch, Kautz, Lanz , Mader, Nader Mann, Ohly, Father, Raven Lechner, Scheiber, Tauber, Ullmann, Vogelsang, Wagner, Zach,


H. Hermann: Genealogy and Heraldry bourgeois families Austria – Hungary, Vienna: 1899


Handbook of gender associations and foundations

Handbook of gender associations and foundations

Even in Central Europe to the earliest times of Christianity it was the pious efforts of the Emperor and Noble, by gifts of all kinds, the Church as a bastion of their spiritual lives, possible to consolidate and secure especially. Accordingly, the oldest foundations are the monasteries, where later the ore, High- und Collegialstifter folgten; also spiritual and secular founders free for women were founded. The glory of God in the first place, in a sense, but also the object- family and community felt the needle with this strengthening of the spiritual power to serve. But even at the time of the schism began to gradually fade out this influence to.

The family foundations have prescribed various purposes, but mostly it is aid to academic and scientific training, Contributions education for girls and boys, Support for widows and orphans, or for the dowry.

The author provides us with his work not only a directory, but he is also very critical of the foundation system apart, particularly when it comes, that the state intervenes.


Emil V. Maltitz: Hand- and address the gender associations and. Foundations, Berlin: Mitscher & Röstell, 1892

A website I noticed on this topic today:

Der Kölner Secondary- and Endowment Fund manages around 90 active family foundations, some of which are already in 16. Century were founded. This family foundations promote the descendants of the founder during school and university education.

From the family foundations awarding Cologne Gymnasium- and endowment funds about a year 400 Student scholarships and about 120 Study Plot Apply.

The pedigrees of all family foundations are digitized and can in the office of the Cologne Gymnasium- be viewed and endowment funds or acquired in the form of a CD. Link: Very interesting for all genealogists.

More articles and literature:

The Württemberg family foundations
Collection of marriage foundations and Leibgedingsbriefen knightly gender
The Sackische Family Foundation
The Parcham Foundation
United Foundation of families Schrader, Kalm and Vechelde
The Family Association Ziering-Moritz-Alemann, Source of research Liesegang branch in Harz (my ancestors)
The Liesegang Foundation in Beelitz
and finally the Stoye Stiftung, in which I am curator


Collection on family research in Switzerland, Example: the coat of arms of Zurich role

The coat of arms of Zurich role

a heraldic monument of 14. Century in faithful color reproduction, with the coat of arms of the House to the hole


Walther Merz: The coat of arms of Zurich role, Zurich: Füssli 1930

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Archivum Heraldicum – Swiss Archives of Heraldry
Book of the citizens of the Swiss town of Liestal
Coat collection of Swiss citizenship of St. Gall, Winterthur, Churchill, Rapperswil and Baden Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland
Citizens of the city of Mulhouse until 1798
Winterthur famous families in the New Year leaves the city of Winterthur Library 1885 to 1897
Citizens of the city of St. Bile by the year 1886
List of citizens of the city of Zurich for the period 1819 to 1892
Basel Bürgerbuch – Citizens to gender 1836, and recently naturalized gender


The detailed family annals of the piston in Straubing

Quite explicitly, it was the wish of the author, that this family book is not intended for the public, but only for the relatives. As a reason he gives, that the attacks on the family in the form of abusive letters etc. , whose honor was deeply hurt.

The family elders was a writer named Joseph Kolb, which means it was difficult to supply his children apply. One of the sons was taken on paternal Bitten by a surgeon as Bader apprentice and won a few years later a position as a battalion surgeon. He died in the prime of life, leaving an only son, bore the name Franz Hermann Kolb.

Brought up by his stepmother, suggested that after graduation the military a career, Kam so nach Mainz, where he 1796 married. In 1806 He joined the services of Ernst Ludwig of Wallerstein. 1813 fell upon him a severe nervous disease, was affected by his daughter Charlotte. In general, this family was characterized by harsh fate, take the course of its origins here.


Kolb, Gottfried: Annals of Family Kolb'schen to Straubing, Landshut: Ritsch, 1858-1859

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Directory of printed family histories of Germany and the neighboring countries

Obwohl in Adelslexika, genealogy pocket books and other works, often the stories of individual families are displayed extensive, it is the tiny details from different sources, which help us to carry extensive information together, To verify information to their voices and to discover relationships in other countries. It can help us this book.


Hans von Prittwitz and Gaffron: Directory of printed family histories of Germany and the neighboring countries, Berlin : Sittenfeld 1882


The princely court of Württemberg 9. to 19. Century

Württembergisches servant book


From the contents:

Collaturen in foreign dominions
List of abbots, Probste, Administrator and steward


Emil Eberhard of Georgii-Georgenau: Princely Württembergisch servant Book of IX. to the nineteenth. Century, Stuttgart: Simon 1877

GenTeam: The genealogical database

From now on the 26.000 Registered users more than 11 Million records available.

New to GenTeam:

1. Bishopric of Passau: as. 140.000 new entries

2. Books citizens of the city of Bratislava / Pressburg – Project completed ca. 10.300 Entries

3. Marriage Index Vienna 1542 – as. 1860, as. 4.000 new entries

4. Index of Catholic baptisms of Vienna: as. 80.000 new entries

5. Parish registers indices of low-, Upper Austria and Moravia: as. 160.000 new records

6. New Database: Prager Familianten

7. Jewish wedding ceremonies the City of Prague 1784-1804


Berlin 23. September 1920: Brutal murder and robbery in the street line


Life circumstances and destinies of their own ancestors are exciting and sometimes quite moving, that they can also be shocking, I note just during my research in Berlin and Brandenburg. When searching for family members that may come from the resin, I came across a spectacular murder case! But read for yourself… Read More


Coat of Arms of the Count Album families in Germany and Austria-Hungary etc.

Gritzner: Coat of Arms of the Count Album families in Germany and Austria-Hungary etc.

(digitized by the University- and State Library of Düsseldorf)



Publisher Maximilian Gritzner: Coat of Arms of the Count Album families in Germany and Austria-Hungary etc. Leipzig: Weigel, 1885-1890

Bd. 1. Wappentafel 1 – 209 nebst Text ; A – D. 1885
Bd. 2. Wappentafel 210 – 384 nebst Text ; It – K. 1887
Bd. 3. Wappentafel 385 – 585 nebst Text ; The – R. 1889
Bd. 4. Wappentafel 586 – 700 nebst Text ; S – The. 1890

Chronicle of the Family of Gemmingen and their possessions

Family of Gemmingen

go to imperial immediacy, Alemannic back knights, which is headquartered in place Gemmingen (District of Heilbronn, Baden-Wurttemberg) had Kraichgau. Read More

Royal coat-Koenigshaus-Niederlande

Dutch Royal House: History of the House of Nassau-Orange

The house of Nassau-Orange – Summaries:

Gender Chart of the Salic tribe and the Counts of Nassau to Kremer
Gender Chart of the Counts of Nassau and their kinsmen to Walram and Otto Read More


History of sex of men, Barons and earls of Puttkamer

History of sex of men, Barons and earls of Puttkamer



Warburg family trees: Genealogies of the families of the town of Warburg u. its neighboring cities

Genealogies of the families of the town of Warburg and its neighboring towns from 14. to the 18. Century

On the occasion of the 950th anniversary of the city Warburg the genealogies of the families have been presented, as vassals, Have the fate of nearly a thousand year old city played a decisive role ministeriales and Board performance sexes.

The influence and importance of these families were not limited to Warburg. Through their property, through trade and official positions to multiple kinship links were in East Westphalia and northern Hesse space. Thus, inevitably the patriciate of the neighboring cities Mars Mountain, Brakel, Hoexter, Paderborn and space Korbach, Included fritzlar family history. Here are some 290 Introduced gender, sometimes even to the 18. Century. Read More


Church records as an important part of the genealogy

It is certainly very helpful and comfortable with the research, To have church books in digital form, and we all want the. The Mormons and the Polish State Archives have shown us in an exemplary manner, eg. under also described in this Article and here. Read More

Should be an April Fool's joke of any!

Should be an April Fool's joke of any


Colorized images of coats of arms of Schleswig-Holsteinischer, Danish and other noble families

Seven hundred and sixty nine colorized images of coats of arms of Schleswig-Holsteinischer, Danish and other noble families Read More