About Me

As I came just for Genealogy?

Totally naive and naive, I just had a desire to learn about the grandparents out more about my family, linked to the question “Who am I”! A question could be answered easily, I was able to resolve after, where do I come. That was about twelve years. My curiosity led me eventually to the idea - and it was not long, I was “Genealogy acute infection” infected.

After countless searches on the Internet, private contacts and many visits to the archives I had "dug" to a pretty good start and especially the necessary enthusiasm continues! With this website I would like to offer a platform to dive into the past, to explore kinship ties and to preserve the memory of our loved ones with Repekt for future generations.

Outstanding issues, Suggestions or comments about this website or more about me? You want to actively participate or showcase your family tree? Then get in touch with me, I'm happy about every fellow in terms of history and genealogy. It is of course also like to see, if you are my pages on your website link.


My "Genealogy and Family Research Rambow" – blog is designed to be informative with the latest news, stories, documents, techniques, and websites for beginner genealogists as well as advanced genealogists who have been researching for years. I´m researching family history and doing genealogy for a little over nine years now.

Using the database

When you register for the first time it is necessary to indicate your fields of research otherwise no access will be permitted. The complete adress and valid email is necessary to complete the registration process. Please complete all of the required fields. Good luck with your research. I look forward to hearing from you by way of feedback or contacting me.


The navigation

In the upper cross bar you will find access to the database, Explanations of the family name Rambow and Liesegang, a field for the contact and imprint.

The actual navigation pages you will find among them with the button: Digital Library, Biographies, Local History, News, Links. This navigation bar is supported by the navigation within the categories on the right side.

The search is divided into two sections

it supports all of the pages to the database by entering a search word , Immediately, all relevant hits appear. To search within the database is a previous registration required. Therefore worth a quick peek at TNG Network. What is the, you can here read.

Paged search

The Windows search function also supports the search for a keyword in the called side. These are the same [Ctrl]+[F]-Key is pressed. In the new window can now be entered the desired search term.

The use of the database

with this Link in the top navigation bar, you reach the database. For use registration is required. The user application is authorized persons only (Family members or genealogists with parallels to the existing data) allows.

It is therefore imperative, the name, the address, and specify the research area. (See Imprint) the form can be activation. User registrations with a so-called disposable email address without real names and addresses are not accepted, I would like to know who I'm dealing with.

The use of the data is generally for personal use in accordance with data protection allows. In a release and re-use the Internet is, however, indicate the source. For example, the source is mentioned “Genealogical Database – www.rambow.de” plus my name. This gives the possibility of other research colleagues, Or to follow any links to find new. Any unauthorized disclosure may result in legal consequences.

Please note the new amendment to the Personal Status Act of 01.01.09 the Data Protection Act.

All communities are subject to certain rules. Data beggars and unscrupulous genealogists who rules all in the community and the principle of mutual “Give and Take” oppose, the recording is more difficult in my database. Who the principle of joint research has not understood, is out of place here!

The use of the database is free, it should look forward to every! Who now thinks, as can be easily “Data tap” is indeed a dubious scroungers! “Tell me what you say and I give what I can, so that is here.